Monday, December 10, 2012 (Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Lake Pleasant, Peoria, AZ)

Wind, wind,, it was an incredibly windy night last night.  The trailer was just rocking and rolling...and shuddering with the high gusts.  Consequently we didn’t get a very good night’s sleep... awake at 4:30 and up at 5:00!

The high winds continued for most of the morning...Steve got some great pictures of the blowing dust...

It was just before noon when we rode our bikes over to the office to let them know that we were going to stay another night but instead of our site, we would like to dry-camp.  We have to leave by 6:30 tomorrow morning so decided to pack up today and dump our tanks at the sani-dump and then just park in the large dry-camping area...not far from where we were camped for the past week.

At the office, we explained what we were going to do and they said that we could stay in our site until 2:00 and after going to the sani-dump, we could park anywhere as long as it was 75 feet from the grassy areas...the cost was $6...sweet!

After our visit to the office, we went for a ride around the campground.  We came across a couple in one of the sites whose awning was completely ripped off their new trailer. They had been in Phoenix last night visiting friends and decided to stay the night after having a couple of drinks and had left their awning out...a big no, no here in Arizona because the wind is so unpredictable.  We stopped and gave them a hand as they tried to get it wound back up...they had a call into a mobile RV company to come and fix it.  When we walked by later on that night, it still wasn’t fixed...I would imagine the RV places were pretty busy after all the wind last night.

Back home, we took our time getting packed up and were ready to head over to the sani-dump at 2:00...along with a couple of other rigs who were ahead of us.  So that took longer than anticipated but then we really weren’t in any hurry since we weren’t travelling anywhere today.  After that was all finished with, we went back and parked in a level area not far from our old site.  Of course, I had to set up the inside since we still had the rest of the afternoon and evening.

After dinner and dishes, we headed out for a walk around the campground to see all of the Christmas lights.  By using his tripod, Steve captured some great pictures...this first picture is taken at the park entrance.  Unfortunately, all of the decorations weren't lit up, probably due to the wind last night...I think some maintenance was required...


On our way home, Steve took this picture of the marina...

We packed up the inside before going to bed so that there wouldn’t be much to do in the morning...all we would have to do is put the sliders in and go.


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