Tuesday, December 11, 2012 (Travel to Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

The alarm woke us up at 5:45 this morning...and I was in such a sound sleep...sheesh!  Just over a half hour later we were ready to go...it was still dark...and cold!  We joined the morning rush hour headed for RV Traders in Mesa to have a couple of things taken care of in the fifth-wheel...it was shortly after 7:30 when we arrived.

Brian, a service tech with RV Traders, met us and once all of the paperwork was done and the trailer unhitched, we headed to Denny’s near Superstition Springs Mall for breakfast.  It was just after 9:00 when we were finished breakfast and driving across to the mall to spend some time...”walking the mall”.

I picked up a few things at the Hi-Health Store, we both got new polarized sunglasses, and other than that, the only other thing we were both looking for were new shoes.  With no luck finding shoes, we looked up where the nearest Sketchers shoe store was and decided to drive there. 
It was a bit of a drive to Tempe Marketplace...a huge area of stores...from Best Buy, to Barnes & Noble, to Target, to all sorts of trendy shops and restaurants.  We both ended up with new shoes...yay!  A pretty cool outside mall...Steve relaxing on the couch in front of the fireplace.

After a stop at Best Buy to see if they had a battery for our laptop...they didn’t...imagine that ..they sell laptops but don't carry batteries for them. So we headed back to RV Traders.  It was going on 1:00 by this time.  Apparently they were just about to call us...all work had been completed.  We now have a brand new toilet...how exciting!  It's an upgrade from what we had before so we had to pay an extra $60.00...but what a difference with the pressure of the flush! They also replaced the element and blower assembly in the fireplace (that they replaced 10 months ago) as well as the anode in the hot water tank.  Luckily most of it was covered under our extended warranty...with the $100.00 deductable of course. We were amazed at the amount of calcium deposit they took out of the hot water tank. It looked like rock salt all over the ground...Steve regrets not taking a picture.

We arrived at Eagle View RV Resort at Fort McDowell at about 2:30.  This is the same place we stayed and left our rig at last year when we went to both Los Cabos in November and Victoria in December.  We are staying here 3 nights and managed to get our favorite site that we had “cased out” last year.  Site #122 is the best site in the park...a premium end site so we have no neighbours on the awning/door side.  In other words we have a big yard...very nice!

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