Friday, December 7, 2012 (Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Lake Pleasant, Peoria, AZ)

We had a busy day today...”taking care of business”.  The morning was spent calling the customer service centers for both ChatterBox (our helmet radios) and Canon (my camera).  We are sending both in for servicing.  The radios are not under warranty but we thought we would send them in to see if they are worth fixing or whether we need to just replace them.  My camera, as you may have noted in a number of my pictures, has a dirty lens internally from all the dusty quad rides that we can’t get at to clean...thus we are sending it in for cleaning.

It was just after 12:30 when we finally headed out to find a post office to mail the stuff.  Actually finding the closest post office proved to be a bit of an issue but with a little help from a lady in a parking lot, we finally found one.  It was just further away than we had hoped.

Once at the post office, we then had to find appropriate sized boxes, bubble wrap and get both parcels packed up and ready.  At least when we had them ready to take up to the wicket, the huge line-up that had been there when we arrived was gone.  It must have been well after 2:00 by the time we had that chore done.

Our next adventure was to find the Walmart that we had been to the other day (we wanted to go to that particular one since it was on our way home).  However, Serena (our GPS) has not been very reliable lately because we need to update her maps (which we will do when we get back to Victoria).  After taking a very long round-about way, we finally made it.  Mind you, on the way she took us through some very nice areas...beautiful homes on a golf course with water ponds and waterfalls.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures...I’ll have to get my old camera out while my Canon is in getting fixed.

On our way home from Walmart the other day, we had passed a helmet store...The Helmet Center caught my eye because we need new helmets.  Apparently helmets should be replaced every 5-7 years and ours are 9 years old and are kind of worn out. Today we thought we would stop and take a look.  We spent a good hour in the store talking to the fellow and learning about and trying on different helmets.   He also showed us a radio system...Scala Rider G9, much smaller and apparently much better than our ChatterBox ones.  We decided to wait until we hear back from ChatterBox about our radios...but I have a feeling we may need not only new helmets but new radios as well.  Possibly our Christmas presents to each other....?

It was after 5:00 by the time we got home...exhausted!  We immediately grabbed a drink and relaxed outside to watch the sun go down.  Steve was outside sitting in his chair with his camera and waved to this fellow in a motorized shute...he turned and flew over...very cool...

And another beautiful sunset...

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