Wednesday to Friday, February 20 to 22, 2019 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Wednesday was another cool, windy day...but at least it was sunny. Steve added water to the fresh water tank while I cleaned up inside.

Ron and Bel, ATV friends from back home...well, North Vancouver...arrived for a visit just after 10:30. They flew down to Phoenix for a 2 week vacation and have been having fun driving around in their rental car exploring the area. Today they are driving out to Blythe, California to see friends and are stopping for a visit with us on the way.

We had a fabulous visit with them! Great seeing you both...enjoy the rest of your stay down here in Arizona!
I spent the afternoon working on the laptop while Steve went with Earl into town for propane and to pick up parcels at Quiet Times.

Dave and Leslie came over for drinks and's Survivor night!
In addition to Survivor, we watched a couple of other shows and then called it a night around 9:30.

Thursday  was another cold, rainy, windy day...don't like this pattern of cold weather we've been having this winter! Harry/Vicki's rig left and Jim/Cec's right...
Colan/Marilyn's rig left and Red/Pam's right...
We hunkered down inside all morning...Steve editing pictures and me puttering around. At 12:30 the weather had improved, so we headed out with Dave and Leslie into Blythe. They had never been there, so we thought we'd show them around that area. We started with a drive out to Midland LTVA where we used to stop and visit friends, Dennis and Charlene, every year. Unfortunately, they no longer come down...but we were able to make a trip down into Michigan last summer on our trip across Canada and we had a great visit with them.

After that, we stopped at the Verizon Store so that I could put some money on our prepaid account. Unlike the postpaid account we used to have, Verizon Prepaid is not set up to accept international credit cards as payment online. I hope they rectify that before next winter!

Then it was time for a stop at Smart and Final for a little grocery shopping before heading home.

Friday...another cold blustery day! It ended up being another inside day...working on picture editing and blog updates.

Snow on the Kofa Mountains...this is just wrong! A few years ago we did get an overnight dusting of snow here that didn't last long...
Steve put the telephoto lens on our Nikon camera for a close up. It's a good thing today wasn't our ride to Skull Rock! 

We are going to the Yacht Club for dinner tonight but before heading out, we popped over to Dave and Leslie's for a drink...they are showing off the slippers (Toastie Toes) that I made them...
At about 5:00 we headed into town with Dave and Leslie. The weather has been so bad that we all hadn't been able to get together outside, so Pam organized a group gathering at the Yacht Club...good idea Pam!

There were 21 of us gathered at one long table...great to see everyone out but difficult to talk to anyone but those immediately beside and across from you. Good time just the same!

Left to right around the table (I think I got it right, at least these are all the folks there)...Cindi, Mike, Dawne, Harry, me, Steve, Earl, Allison, Cec, Jim, Bob, Sue, Marilyn, Colan, Dave, Leslie (thanks for the picture Leslie), Sue, Les, Pam, Red and Roger...


  1. That's quite the group of people. Nope we did not miss being down there with the horrible weather this year. lol

    1. There is always an ebb and flow of people coming and going but still a great turn out. Even though it was colder than normal down here still beat your weather! 😜

  2. I have yet to make it to the yacht club, looks like you had quite the gathering there!

  3. We’ll take you next year! With so many of us we were banished to the enclosed deck.