Saturday, February 9 to Friday, February 15, 2019 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Steve headed off with Red and Earl to the Quartzsite RC Fun Fly first thing this morning. It was a cool cloudy day...too bad, it's much nicer when there is blue sky...especially for pictures!

I got out for a 2 mile walk and then worked on a blog update...and also sat down and did a little knitting.

I was surprised when Earl and Allison came home...and then noticed Red's truck was back...but no Steve...cold for them. Well I guess Dave had gone in to watch the Fun Fly later on, so Steve was catching a ride home with him. Allison had also gone in to watch.

I'll pass this over to Steve to tell you about the Fun Fly...

Spectators are allowed to wander through to view the planes on display and talk to the pilots...
F-82 Twin Mustang...
P-47 Thunderbolt...
Don't know what most of the planes are unless it's a war bird which are my favourites...
The National Anthem being played...members of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and young cadets on the runway. The VFW had a food concession set up for everyone too...

Navy T-28 Trojan Trainer...

P-47 Thunderbolt...
Coming in for a landing...

It was hard to get a photo of the fast moving jet...
This stunt pilot was very good!

Here he has the plane hovering just above the ground like a helicopter...

This was the only helicopter...he even did loops with it!

Both of the P-47's went up together...

The air show usually ends around noon then anyone that wants to fly can. Hopefully next year the weather will be a little least wind didn't cancel the show.

It was nice to see the sun come out later on in the was still cool out though. We got out for a walk with Dave and Leslie...short though, Dave's leg is still very tender.

We all gathered at our place for happy hour and when the wind died down, Red suggest a campfire. So we had an impromptu campfire and hot dog roast over at the firepit by Harry and Vicki's...we said it was a goodbye party for Vicki because she is leaving in the morning to visit her mom in Pennsylvania...the only problem was, they weren't home! They had gone to Yuma for the day. But they got home just after 7:30. Left to right around the fire...Colan, Marilyn, Pam, Red, Earl, Allison, me, Leslie and Dave...
Sunday morning Steve went with Red to the Swap Meet at the RC airfield while Leslie and I got out for a 2 mile walk. It was sunny today...but windy with the wind coming from the south. We've had a lot of wind this year and most of it has been from the south...unusual since the prevailing winds are usually from the north.

The rest of the day was basically an inside day...staying out of the wind. Earl came over to help Steve with his glider. They worked on it and got the motor running consistently but won't know if it is fixed until Steve is able to take it out and try it...but it's way too windy for that today!

Dave and Leslie came over for a visit...only water was consumed by all of us today. It's good to take a day off once in a while!

After dinner we went over to Earl and Allison's to play Rummikub...Earl was the big winner tonight, followed by Allison...Steve won one game and I was skunked!

Monday (Feb 11) morning the winds were calm, so Steve was anxious to get out and try flying his glider. He and Earl were both out early. Unfortunately the glider still didn't work it will be back to the "work bench" for it. They decided to take the big plane out back into the desert and had a great time flying it. Steve even let Earl fly his plane...on Safe Mode and up high...he did great, so we think there may be a plane in his future :)

We met Bob and Karen at the Yacht Club for lunch. They are staying at Emerald Cove, across the Colorado River from Parker, and we always try to connect every year. We met them in 2012 at the RV Dreams Rally in Oregon along with Harry and Vicki. Left to right around the table...Bob, Karen, me, Steve and Harry...we won't see Vicki again until next season... 
We had a great 2 hour lunch catching wonderful seeing you guys! 

After lunch we ran a few errands on our way home and then chilled for the rest of the afternoon...until happy hour. Roger, Cindi, Red, Pam, Dave, Leslie and Harry joined us for a couple of hours of chatting...always great fun!

Tuesday (Feb 12) morning after coffee, we did our exercises and then I got out for a 3 mile walk. Once back we received a text from Dave...ready to leave at 10? Hmmm....let's make it 10:30!

Our sightseeing tour today was south on highway 95...first stop was the Yuma Proving Grounds Open Air Museum...the sun is hard on the eyes!

Then we continued onto the Imperial Dam LTVA. For a more detailed visit to the Yuma Proving Grounds and Imperial Dam BLM we did in 2017 click here.
After touring the area, we took a secondary road towards Yuma...we think this is a fish ladder...
And stumbled upon the Imperial Date Gardens! That required a stop to pick up some dates...and a date shake too! So good, in fact better than we remembered them tasting!
Date Palms...
Our destination for a late lunch was Lute's Casino Restaurant in Old Town Yuma. We found a parking spot on the street behind the restaurant and walked to Main Street...where we unexpectedly found a farmers market...
After a bit of a wait, we were seated...we were amazed at how busy it was! Lutes is a cool spot...
The d├ęcor is early eclectic, what might be called interesting junk. And it is everywhere. The 12-foot-high walls are plasters with posters, paintings, murals and decals of every description. Over there is a poster of Laurel and Hardy. And there’s Humphrey Bogart. The “Babe” rests his famous bat on his shoulder in another. Suspended from the ceiling is a full-size Signal Gas sign, and another for Western Union. The eye cannot travel one foot without coming to rest on some unique piece of memorabilia.
After lunch, it was time to head home....a drive through Yuma and then straight up hwy 95. It was after 5:00 by the time we pulled into La Posa South...another fun day!

Wednesday (Feb 13) morning Steve was outside early to fly his RC plane before the wind started. As soon as he got back, we took down the sunscreen and put the awning up...strong winds are forecast again.

Earl popped over late morning to have another "go" at fixing Steve's glider. They worked on it for quite some time and finally figured out what the problem issue with the connection to the motor, so it needs a new one. Glad the tiny motor for a glider is inexpensive!

We needed propane and so did Dave and Leslie, so we tagged along with them into town. We have been going through a lot of propane this year since it's been so cold. Guess we shouldn't complain though...this is what they are experiencing back home at our old place....
Back home, we joined Dave and Leslie for a drink and then went home for our usual evening of dinner and TV.

Thursday (Feb 14) I went to Parker with Dave and Leslie to stock up on groceries...leaving Steve at home to edit pictures for the blog. It was a cloudy and breezy day with rain in the forecast, along with a flood warning.

After shopping at Walmart and Safeway, Dave took Leslie and I out for Valentine's Day lunch. We went to Maya's Mexican Restaurant...and since it was a special day, Leslie and I decided to have a Margarita. Dave and Leslie ordered shrimp dishes that were quite spicy...especially Dave's. I had a beef dish that was spicy for me but a little sour cream tamed it down. It was a great lunch...thanks Dave!
As we left the restaurant, it was pouring out and totally socked in! Yup...the rain had arrived! And it poured all of the way home...continuing all evening. So we had an inside happy hour today...with Red, Pam, Dave and Leslie joining us.

Friday (Feb 15) Steve and I got out for a walk before breakfast. We were back home and just finishing breakfast when Red drove over and asked Steve if he wanted to go to the RC hanger and airfield with him....well, of course! So off he went. Red had purchased this plane from another club member so wanted to see if the gas motor worked...which it did, but he didn't want to fly an unfamiliar plane with so many people around...just in case...
While he was gone, I did the dishes and cleaned up and then did some baking. With that done, I worked on a blog update....and I managed to get it posted after Steve got home and reviewed it.

Steve wanted to show Dave some of the area, so I lent Dave my quad and they headed out for a ride at 1:00...
Steve showed Dave some of the local hot spots that most people would never see without a 4 wheeler...such as the Indian grinding holes called Mortars...
Gold Eye Mine and Erdman Cabin...

As well as a couple of stone cabins...
Of course a ride is never complete without stopping at Beer Belly's Adult Daycare to wash down the dust!
While they were gone, I worked on another blog update.

The guys got home at about 3:30...sounds like they had a great ride and Dave really enjoyed it. By the time happy hour came around, the sunny day turned into a cloudy day...but we all gathered at our place sitting outside.

Leslie had made a batch of her fabulous pasta sauce and invited Harry, Steve and I for dinner. Great dinner...thanks guys!

And that's it another week...


  1. This year's cold weather and wind has been unbelievable.
    This Post looks like Steve had more fun while you did all the Work. LOL
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nice that Leslie included Harry as he was on his own. Great times. We miss seeing you all down there but not the weather you have had this year. lol

    1. Yes another great winter despite the weather, but it was still better than what you guys were experiencing. :)

  3. So good to re-live all the fun times we had just a few weeks ago. Thanks for lending me the quad complete with helmet and fuel !! Don't need my own, just follow you guys lol. So handy that you carry those helmets still for Leslie and I. Travel safe my friends!

    1. Our pleasure! Dianne has said several times "get rid of the helmets" even though they are never in her way only mine :)

  4. The good times continue! Great shots of the RC planes, almost made it feel like we were there. Speaking of "there", I am sure you are glad that you are not back in your old house with all that snow!

    1. Thanks! Definitely glad to not experience the snowy winter back home. Snow in the Kofa Mountains was close enough!

  5. That was such fun when I went with Steve to the RC fly-in. Thanks for the memories of that day!
    Looks like you've shown Dave and Leslie all the great sights and sites around Western Arizona. Nothing like knowledgeable tour guides.
    Stay safe. I hear you are traveling north. Hope the weather cooperates.

  6. Hopefully you guys join us in Q again next season. Dave and Leslie have really enjoyed their first year on the road. Safe travels!