Saturday to Wednesday, January 19 to 23, 2019 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We were up and out by 9:00 this morning and our way to the Bluewater Casino in Parker where CMD Ultrasound, a mobile ultrasound company, is holding screening sessions. We took advantage of this for the first time last year in Yuma and plan on doing it each year.

In the field, at various locations, we host low-cost screens for the community. CMD has provided screenings since 2004 and perfected methods that are proficient in flowing through the process to provide smooth, professional service that only experience can develop.

For $70, you get 12 ultrasound screenings...Thyroid, Carotid Arteries, Heart, Pancreas, Aorta, Liver, Spleen, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Bladder, Pelvic, Leg Arteries, and Prostate for guys. Additional screening are also available for additional cost.

Our technician, Steve, was excellent and very informative. He has been practising for 16 years and readily answered all of our questions as he scanned each area. I went first this time and as he does the scan, he tells you what he is seeing. Very interesting...still amazed that they can actually tell what they are looking at!

We were finished there at about 11:00, and after stopping at Walmart to pick up a couple of things, we went to the 16th Street Laundromat...not a bad laundromat, fairly clean with older machines, but the cost was great at $1.50/wash.

With wet, clean laundry, we stopped at ACE Hardware to pick up a new folding table to replace the one that had been stolen....and then were on our way back to Quartzsite.

Today is the first day of the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show....crazy busy!
 Looking down Kuehn Street...the "big tent" is back behind the vendors on the left...

It was just before 2:00 when we got home...better get the laundry up on the line to dry! I had most of it up when we had unexpected guests drop by...Steve and Sue Brown. We had a great visit with them and after they left, I took down the dry laundry and put the rest up. I managed to get it all dry by the end of the day...whew! (No pictures of our visit with Steve and Sue...drats!)
Hope to see you guys when we get back to the Island.

We had a spectacular sunset that night...
Sunday (Jan. 20) morning the fridge started beeping the "no propane" warning...well, for a change it wasn't in the middle of the night! So Steve loaded all the propane tanks into the truck and headed into Q...and battled the all the traffic now that the RV show is on.

I tried unsuccessfully to do some work on the laptop, but the internet is so slow, practically much for getting our blog up to date quickly! Hopefully it improves once the show is over and the thousands of RV'ers here for the show leave. I finally gave up and sat outside "happy place" LOL

Once home, Steve spent the next couple of hours or so "pumping and dumping" the holding tanks...and filling the fresh water tank.

After dinner, we went next door to Earl and Allison’s. He had set up his propane fire so we could all sit around it and watch for the eclipse of the moon...Vince and Kim also joined us. After about an hour and a half with nothing happening yet ...other than the wind that had come up making it pretty chilly, we all decided it was a bust and headed in.

Monday (Jan. 21) was a very windy day! Steve and I managed to get out for a quick walk but for the most part, we sat inside waiting for it to subside. It died down somewhat in the early afternoon in time for Tyler from Tough Top Awnings to come out. They are based in Washington State but he comes down for the big show. He, along with his father-in-law and founder of the company (and now retired), Ray, worked on the slide room topper roller tube, cutting it down. It seems that the factory installed one was about 5 inches too long allowing the mounting arms to bend inward from the spring tension. This meant that as the topper material rolled onto the roller tube when we closed the slide room it rubbed and started wearing into the side wall and making a black streak on the topper material.
Ray on the left and Tyler on the right...cutting the topper material shorter...
We've ordered the topper material from Tyler a couple of times and replaced all of them ourselves over the last few years with a little help from our Q neighbours. It's pretty easy to do with 2 people but Tyler does it by himself! It's a great company to deal with and we highly recommend them.

Dale and Chloe also popped by on their side-by-side. They are staying in an area near the "big tent" and wanted to drop off a  bottle of homemade Irish Cream liqueur...thanks guys! Delicious! Unfortunately Steve was busy with Tyler and Ray for most of their visit, but I had a nice visit with them...good catching up!

Later on, after Tyler and Ray had gone, Steve decided to change the oil in the generator while I sat outside, sheltered somewhat from the wind by the trailer.

We joined Harry and Vicki for happy hour over at Red and Pam's...Mike and Dawne (their friends who are staying at Road Runner BLM) also came over. It was still pretty windy, so we didn't stay long...that wind was cold!

Tuesday (Jan.22) I was up early to get pictures uploaded while the internet was half decent...before all the other RV'ers in the area got out of bed!

It was another cold, windy day...and a very chilly ride on our quads into town to check out the RV Show. We wandered around for a couple of hours...nothing new and/or spectacular this year.
Love the paint job on this beauty!
We managed to snag the last empty table at Beer Belly's where we are meeting Larry and Judi, friends from Victoria who are members of the Cowichan Valley ATV Club and are down in Yuma for the winter.
We enjoyed a couple of beers and a bite to eat...and chatting with Larry and Judi...
...and then headed home. A short while later, they stopped by for another visit on their way back to Yuma. Red and Pam also joined us for a short happy hour...
After making plans for another Cowichan Valley ATV ride here in Q, we said goodbye...see ya next month!

For some unexplained reason, the internet signal was quite good Wednesday morning. I managed to get a blog posted plus a bunch of geocaches logged.

It was exercise morning...and with that done, along with my 3 mile walk, I cooked us a big breakfast and by the time dishes were done...well, that was pretty much the whole morning!

I did a little baking while Steve filled the fresh water tank and took our table over to where Red and Pam are hosting their fish fry and potluck this afternoon. I even managed to get started on another blog and pictures uploaded!

I prepared my contribution to the potluck...chili dip...and then went over to join the gathering at the campfire. At 3:00 the fire was lit and Red started frying (Crappie) fish...Steve M was  making hush puppies while Troy was monitoring...
And an assortment of salads and other good things were set up on the tables...Sue and Allison...
Then it was time to dig in!
In total, there were 27 fellow RV'ers and friends gathered...Red and Pam, Harry and Vicki, Earl and Allison, Jim and Cec, Bob and Sue, Les and Sue, Guy and Sue, Troy, Steve and Debbie, Steve and Diane, Curt and Glenda, Greg and Cori, Colan and Marilyn and us.
After all the fish was cooked, Red decided to get rid of the fish oil by dumping it on the campfire...
Steve, Earl and Curt...funny guy that Earl!
 Jim and Cecile with Bosco...
 Greg, Steve M, Curt, Glenda, me (with Hobie), Vicki and Harry...
 Deb, Cori, Jim, Cec, Greg and Steve M...
 Earl, Bob, Red and Marilyn...
We all enjoyed an excellent fish fry along with all sorts of other side dishes...delicious! After sitting around the campfire, everyone called it a night around 7:30. A great afternoon and evening!


  1. Looks like you were having a great time with everyone getting together.
    We had spotted that Black Smoke and almost called the FD but it ended as fast as it began.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We enjoy our annual get together with these wonderful people and great friends!

  2. As always Great Times in the Q!!! Wish we could have spent more time with the two of you! Also wish we could have been there much longer, but it was wonderful to see everyone!!! Loved the fish fry, and all the happy hour fires! Already looking forward to next January hanging with the Gang! I've already got some great shots to share!!! LOL!

    1. We always look forward to our January reunion with everyone! It was great seeing you both, although it wasn't long enough! Hopefully next year the internet signal is better. See you next January and we'll be ready for those shots!

  3. Fun times, about everything you mentioned made us jealous and wanting to be there. Great friends, great fish fry and great sunsets!

    1. Next year, you year! You were very much missed this year, so we hope you'll be back west next winter!

  4. Great time and good food. Thanks for including us. We enjoyed getting to know you all better.

    1. It was great meeting you both as well! Always a good gathering here in January...hope to see you again!