Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, December 2, 3, and 4, 2018 (Picacho Peak State Park, AZ)

After our big hike yesterday, we had a lazy day today. It was a cool, cloudy not a lot of motivation to get out and do anything. On a plus side, though, we did manage to get another couple of blog updates posted.

We did get out later in the afternoon for a walk around the campground with Dave and at least we got out for a little fresh air.

We were also waiting all day for news from our youngest son, Chris, about the impending birth of our third grandchild. Angela is in the hospital...a grandbaby as a birthday present tomorrow would be awfully nice! By bedtime though, all we knew was that Angela was in the birthing room. So I told Chris that I would have the phone with me on the bedside table and would be waiting for his text.

Well, I woke up at 2:00 Monday morning, checked my phone...and there was a text/picture sent at 12:40 (11:40 Vancouver time)..."Happy early birthday from baby Isaac"! It's a boy! I can't believe I missed the notification beep...the phone was right beside my head...geez! Anyway he was born at 11:04...56 minutes early to share the same birth date but a fabulous birthday present just the same!

With that news, I had a tough time getting back to sleep...but I eventually did, waking up just before 6:30 and letting Grampa know the good news.

We had a quiet morning and then decided to go out for a walk on the trail that goes down to the entrance and check out the small visitors center/gift shop. Dave, Leslie and Margaret joined us but a little ways along the trail, Dave and Margaret turned back...Dave had gone for a long run this morning and he was spent. So the rest of us was a good 2.4 mile/4 km walk there and back.
On the way back, a ranger stopped and told us about a rare cactus called a herringbone saguaro. He pointed out where it was and sure enough, we found it just up the road...very cool! Notice the unique growth pattern on the upper part of the Saguaro vs the base...

I enjoyed many birthday wishes throughout the day...feeling the love from all my family and friends! Thanks so much!

Steve finished up a batch of pictures he had been editing and I got started on another blog update...and the next thing I knew it was after 4:00! Time to kick off my birthday celebration!

Dave and Leslie came over for happy hour...shots of fireball...

Just as we were about to all go over to Dave and Leslie’s for dinner, Chris and Angela video called and we had a wonderful chat with them as we watched baby Isaac...

Can hardly wait to meet him in person and hold him!
Then we headed over to Dave and Leslie's where we had a fabulous birthday feast...steak and mushrooms, baked potatoes and salad...delicious!
The cooks hard at it...while  I just sit back with my glass of wine!
 Dinner...complete with red wine!

 Rob, Angie and the boys video called and wished me a Happy Birthday...a great chat with them! And then a birthday cake completed by birthday!
 A wonderful evening! Thanks for making my birthday so special!
Tuesday was a quiet day...and a bit chilly outside, not getting as warm as had been forecast. For the most part, Steve worked on picture editing while I crocheted.

After finishing a batch of pictures, Steve went outside to put a few things away in preparation for leaving tomorrow...and I got started on blog updates, managing to get 3 completed.

Dave and Leslie came over for our final happy hour together. We've enjoyed travelling together for the past month but sadly, it's time to part ways. Going to miss our happy hours together chatting about the events of the day!

After dinner we went over to their place for dessert...left over birthday cake and tea! 


  1. What a great birthday, especially your present ... baby Issac. :)

  2. Looks like quite the birthday..... Cute baby!

  3. It wasn't The Keg but it was a pretty yummy dinner! Getting your baby Isaac present kind of overshadowed the dinner lol. I see Margaret liked the cake too, or is it the lights on top haha.

    1. It was a delicious dinner! Definitely the lights on top LOL!

  4. Best birthday present ever! Nice dinner with friends.