Wednesday, February 5, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

As I said yesterday, today is going to be a work day. So just before 9:00, after loading all of the laundry into the truck, we were off into Quartzsite. Steve dropped me (and the laundry) off at the Main Street Laundromat and went off to do his chores....get propane, gas and fresh water. He returned just as I had pulled all of the laundry out of the washing machines...good timing! Although Steve had filled up the truck with diesel not too long ago, he wanted to top the tanks off, so we stopped at the Arco station for the best price...$3.75/gallon. The truck only took $52 worth of diesel...wish all of our fill-ups were that cheap!

Once home, I hung the first batch of laundry on the clotheslines while Steve prepared the truck box for the ATV's. I was inside washing dishes when he started to load I went out to take pictures as he loaded my quad...

After he had finished, Steve took this picture...there I am (way over on the left) hanging more things on the clothesline. It had been cloudy when we first got up this morning, but as you can see, it cleared up quite nicely...

Steve's original plan was to dump the holding tanks today but decided that he'd have enough time to do that tomorrow. He wanted to get as much done as he could today since "the guys" are going to the RC Fly-In tomorrow. But they won't be there all day, so will have time to dump the tanks, which is preferable anyway. We'd much rather have the tanks empty (or near empty) when we leave Friday morning.

However, he still had to borrow the portable dump-station from Earl, to put some water into the tanks...he wanted to make sure we had enough water for showers in the morning! While he was doing that, I settled in my chair outside with my Kindle and read...ahhh...such a lovely afternoon!

While we were sitting out with our drinks watching the sun get lower in the sky, I noticed a fellow with 2 dogs walking towards was Rob with Marco and Polo. Rob joined us for a drink and a chat...very good seeing him again. As the sun went down behind the mountain, we said goodbye to Rob...see you again somewhere down the road! 

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  1. Safe travels.... Up here I'm admiring 8" of snow with more on the way Sunday. Good news though we have a showing on the house Monday. Chris.

    Your blog is getting through the winter.