Monday, February 17, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Today was laundry day (how exciting!) so with the bags loaded into the truck, we headed into Quartzsite. While I did laundry Steve went to filled up a couple of 5 gallon water jugs and  a propane tank.  It was another beautiful day with temperatures expected well into the 80's. We were back by 10:30 and I started hanging the clothes on the clothesline.

While I was doing that, Steve pulled out the ladder and checked out the slide-topper that he and Earl had installed a few weeks ago. It looked like it had shifted a bit, so he fixed it.

It always amazes me how quickly the laundry was basically all put away by 12:30...which was good because the wind really started whipping up the dust later in the afternoon. By the time I got the camera, all that was left were remnants of this huge dust devil...

Even with the sun shade, it gets really hot on the awning side of the trailer, so Steve decided to go to the other side and relax with his magazine in the shade. As the temps rose to 89F/32C, we both spent the rest of the afternoon reading.

...and that was pretty much our day!

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