Sunday, February 2, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had our usual start on this chilly morning...I turned the heater up to high after putting on the coffee. Steve had set the heater on low but it wasn't able to keep up as the overnight temps dropped close to freezing.

After getting our resistance exercises over with, it was time to shower and get on with our day. Steve borrowed Earl's portable sani-station and got started on dumping the holding tanks while I started making a big pot of chili.

Shortly after we got started, we had a Skype call from our son, Chris. He and his fiance, Angela, are on Vancouver Island visiting our other son and his family, Rob, Angie and Conner.
They had a belated birthday party for Conner's first birthday yesterday. Very cute monkey cupcakes for their little monkey...

Angie giving Conner his birthday cupcake....

He's not really a fan of chocolate...
Rob with Conner...
Angela and Chris...

Sounds (and looks) like the party was a great success...sorry we couldn't have been there to join in! It was so good seeing and chatting with everyone.

After the call, Steve got back to his dump duties and I continued with my cooking. I'm making the chili for our trip to Yuma/Ocotillo Wells...I'll freeze it and then we'll have dinner for everyone one of the nights we are away.

After completing his dump duties, Steve had lunch and then got started on his next chore...changing the air filters on the ATV's.

Yep...their dirty, should be grey in colour not brown...

After the chili was made, I decided to move onto baking cookies...gluten-free chocolate chip. They didn't turn out too bad considering I modified a "regular" recipe. Once they were baked, I got started on preparing dinner...we are having Earl and Allison over. So, I basically spent my day in the kitchen!

Shortly after 5:00, Allison and Earl (and Abbey) came over. We enjoyed a drink and dinner...and then it was time for Rummikub! We played about 5 seemed to be my lucky night as I won the most games. However, .Allison and Steve each won a game...but, let's just say it wasn't Earl's night! It was going on 9:30 when we decided to call it a night...another great evening!


  1. Conner is soooo cute-sorry you are missing this special milestone but isn't it wonderful that through the magic of Skype it is almost like being there!

  2. Thanks, Rose...yes, we think he's pretty darned cute too!! Skype is wonderful, don't know what we'd do without it in this lifestyle!