Wednesday, July 4, 2012 (Sheridan Lake Resort, Lone Butte, BC)

It was nice to wake up to some sunshine this morning.  But there were still lots of clouds around so although we started off in our shorts, we quickly had to change to something warmer as the sun came and went under the clouds.

The fellow who had shown us around the campground yesterday said that we could park our truck in the site next to us until he needed it...yeah...we’re taking up 3 sites.  However, this morning when Steve went out to move the truck so he could unload the boat closer to the lake, he couldn’t get it out.  Unfortunately, the site has just enough of a slope and in the soft, wet grass all the back tires would do is spin.  Great!  The front end has left nice deep ruts as well.  The forecast for the next week is sunshine and temps up into the high 20’s (that’s high 70’s for our American friends) so hopefully, it will dry out enough so we can get out.

That was the first problem Steve encountered this morning...he then decided to offload the boat where it was and as he was lowering it, one of the ropes broke.  It snapped right at the clamp where we hook it onto the boat.  Luckily the boat was only a little lopsided and didn't do any damage to the truck...or Steve. He managed to secure another rope to the broken rope, hook it onto the boat and lower it the rest of the way.  He ended up calling Glen at Load-It Industries who is sending a replacement cable to us here at the resort.

At about 12:30 we had a surprise visit from Ralph Matthews who we had just met at the Poker Ride in Merritt.  He and his wife, Sheila live about 15 minutes away at Dekka Lake and have told us a lot about the area.  We are actually meeting them this Saturday afternoon for an ATV ride to 70 Mile House for dinner. They call this ride the "steak" ride. Sounds like fun...hopefully we will be able to get our truck out by then!!

Steve spent the rest of the afternoon working on his fishing gear...getting ready to go out for a fish. All of his lines had to be changed over to a heavier line for the larger fish. It got quite breezy out in the late had better calm down by the time we want to head out after dinner.  I spent my time working on our journal...have lots of catching up to do!

I thought that I would take a picture showing the view out our back window (too bad we have those RV's behind us but we are up a little higher than they are)...

We headed out in the boat at 7:00 for an evening fish.  There were fish jumping around us but none showing on the “fish-finder”...after about an hour and a half, we headed back in.  Now that was discouraging!  Hopefully Steve has better luck when he heads out in the morning!

After we got back from our fish, we went for a walk around the campground.  I think the best spot is up there are the right where a Big Sky fifth-wheel is parked...

Nice view...

Happy Independence Day to our American Friends!

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