Sunday, July 29, 2012 (Travel to Lac le Jeune Provincial Park, Kamloops, BC)

It was exactly 10:00 when we pulled out of the campground and headed back down the mountain towards highway 5...a beautiful day for travelling... (click on pictures to enlarge for better viewing)

The highway took us through Kamloops...

We arrived at Lac le Jeune just before 11:30 and pulled into the sani-dump area at the entrance so that we could fill up with fresh water.  That took forever...very low water pressure, we were told.  We learned from other campers that were emptying their tanks and leaving that our best bet would be to drive the outer loop first because the sites tend to be larger and the road is wider.

Once the tank was full (a good 20 minutes later), we started our search for a site that first of all would be big enough for us but also was a “non-reservable” site.  Site 32 looked like it would fit the bill, but we decided to keep that one in mind and carry on.  After doing the full outer loop, we decided to park in site 32 and walk an inner loop to see if there was anything else (we were a little wary of taking the rig into the inner roads because of the warning that they were a lot narrower).

After manoeuvring the rig back into the campsite...somewhat more difficult because, first of all, we had left the radios inside the trailer, and secondly, the actual driveway is fairly narrow.  But we managed it and then set off for a walk.  We ended up finding another site that was really nice and provided a little more shade than site 32...but it didn’t have the view.  Both sites were really nice...hmmmm...after much humming and hawing we decided to move down to this one so I stayed at the site and Steve walked back up to get the rig.  I took this picture from the campsite looking up at where our rig is in site 32...the fireweed is gorgeous!

Once back up at our rig, Steve changed his mind...we will stay put.  Site 32 is perched up on the hillside and although lacking shade, the view is spectacular.  So finally getting my attention, he waved me back up and we started our unhitching/unpacking process.

Such a lovely campground!  I guess most of the trees had to be taken down because of the pine beetle problem but the vegetation is coming back and the fireweed is just beautiful.  We actually prefer a more open environment rather than the heavily treed campgrounds like most BC provincial parks.  It’s quite “hilly” so we are going to get our exercise walking and riding our bikes!  Steve decided to climb up on the roof of the trailer to take a few pictures...

Ahhh...happy hour at the Colibaba`s...

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