Saturday, July 28, 2012 (Hitch ‘n Rail Family Resort, Heffley Lake, BC)

I was still sitting in my chair enjoying my coffee...laptop on my lap as usual...when Steve, who has already had his breakfast and showered, asks me if I’m going to help him offload the boat.  Oh...okay...guess I had better make myself presentable to the public!

Steve decided that he was going to go out fishing today.  So he drove the truck down to the boat launch area and we offloaded the boat, motor...and all his fishing paraphernalia...and he was set.  It was around 9:30 when he headed out on the lake.

I moved the laptop to the dining table and resumed work on our blog.   I know it sounds like that is all I have been doing...and it is...but with no (or limited) internet, I am way behind.  I wish that I could prepare the postings (text and pictures) without an internet connection so that all I have to do is publish when we have service but unfortunately, I need an internet connection to access blogger.  But today, I plan on having all entries ready so that Steve can do his final review (my editor) before publishing.

We seem to have a pretty good Wi-Fi connection here at the the morning, that is...and then come the afternoon, it starts acting up.  Today it was early afternoon when we started losing the signal...sheesh!  Steve had returned from a few hours on the lake and was reading one of the entries when we started losing the internet connection.  Frustrated, I closed down the laptop...enough for now...and joined Steve relaxing outside.

Since the office doesn’t open until 11:00 a.m. and we plan on leaving tomorrow morning around 9:00, we went up to pay our bill and find out where the sani-dump is.  I took these pictures while up there...they also have a restaurant...

We also learned that Dave (the owner) has the resort up for sale and was saying that it looks like someone is interested in it and will be closing the resort and building a private home on it.

We lazed around outside for awhile and then had an early dinner...Steve is going out for one final fish before loading up the boat.

When I moved the laptop from the dining table to its station at the back of the trailer and turned it on I found that I had an internet signal again...hmmm...interesting, it seems that is the “hotspot”...later on when I moved it back to the table, I lost service.

So while Steve was out fishing, I finalized the last of our he would just have to have a quick read of them when he got back and they could be published...yay!

Steve had an interesting couple of hours out on the lake.  He didn’t catch any fish but an eagle put on quite the show for him.  I guess the eagle had been sitting in a tree waiting and watching for a fish to be caught by a fellow in a nearby boat.  When the fellow caught a fish, the eagle tried to get it...well, he decided to keep the big fish that he caught and give it to the eagle...after all, she had a couple of eaglets up in the nest that needed some food.  He got some great pictures...

Others (non-fisher types) out enjoying an evening on the lake...

He was back shortly after 8:00...time to load up...

Once that was all done, we sat outside enjoying a campfire...

A lovely way to end our stay at Heffley Lake.

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