Sunday, July 8, 2012 (Sheridan Lake Resort, Lone Butte, BC)

We had a relaxing start to what would turn out to be a beautiful and hot day...temperatures reached 30C. 

After breakfast, Steve decided to start working on replacing the rope on the boat loader.  First of all he had to get out the instructions and the special tool called a "fid" so he could make the loop for the clip. The end of the rope goes into the fid then you insert it through the side of the rope 18" back and feed it down the centre, out the side and back into the centre then back out.

Re-stringing the loader ended up being a real pain...particularly once we got it all done and found out that one side was longer than the other!  Both were perfectly even when all the rope was out but once we rolled it in, the “old” side was loose.  So we had to start all over again; this time shortening the old rope....sheesh!

After that was all done, we spent the rest of the afternoon hiding in the shade as much as possible reading.  It was a hot one today!  A fifth-wheel pulled in behind us blocking some of our view...that in itself was one thing but what we don’t particularly like are the big mirrored windows on the back of it.  We feel like they are watching us....too funny!

We sat outside and enjoyed happy hour before it was dinner time...cheers...

At 6:30 Steve drove the truck over to an area behind the office by the sani-dump...he had asked if it would be okay if he were to wash it problem.  He was hoping that it would have cooled off a bit more by then but no such was hot; especially on the non-shaded side.

It was such a gorgeous evening...

That's our Montana down on the left...and that little house on the right is a fish-cleaning shack...

It was almost 9:30 by the time he finished...and by then it had cooled off considerably so we sat outside for a bit before heading inside for a little TV before bed.

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