Wednesday, January 25, 2012 (BLM La Posa South Camp, Quartzsite, AZ)

We got up a little later than usual this morning...must be the fresh desert air!  After our usual relaxing start to the day, we did our resistance exercises, showered and had breakfast.  It was late morning by the time we ready to drive into Quartzsite.  Before we left, Steve got up on the roof of the trailer to clean the solar panels and took these pictures. 

From left to right...Linda's trailer, Earl and Alison's trailer, Art and Pat's 5th wheel and Charlie and Sarita's camper...

...and Doc and Pat's 5th wheel...

We headed through traffic congested Quartzsite to Herb’s Hardware to see if we could find something that could be used to attach the whips (flags) to our ATV’s.  Finding a metal strip with a hole on either end, Steve thought that it would work...he’d just have to drill the holes a little bigger and then bolt one end to the quad rack and then bolt the whip to the other.  After stopping at a grocery store to pick up some milk, we headed home...battling the traffic again.

The metal pieces were just the right length (barely) but as Steve went to drill the holes, he ended up not having the right sized bit. So, that project was put on hold until our neighbours got home so he could see if one of them would have the size he needed.

We had received an email from Steve’s sister, Nadine, saying that Mike’s sister and her husband, Donna and Bill, were also camping at Quartzsite.  With thousands of RVs, the likelihood of finding them seemed rather remote, but to our surprise, they ended up being fairly close to us...we could see their motorhome and bright yellow Tracker from our back window. 

So after taking a quick trip to fill up our water containers, we decided to walk down to say hi to them.
It had been absolutely years since we had seen them!  We were greeted with hugs and handshakes and invited to sit down and have a beer.  We had a really nice visit with them...also getting suggestions for things to see and other areas to camp while down here. They have been full timing for years.  After taking a couple of pictures, we exchanged phone numbers and headed home.

Once home, Steve went over to see if Art might have the drill bit size he needed.  He did, so Steve continued his work on installing our flags on our ATVs.  After a bit of a blip while installing mine (the bolt broke...luckily he had another), he was all done.  Yay...we are now “desert legal”!

Linda came over to join us for a drink and before we knew it, Art, Earl, Doc and Pat had joined the circle.  We had a nice visit with everyone...another ATV ride has been planned for tomorrow...we got talked into one last ride before we leave on Friday.

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