Sunday, January 8, 2012 (McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Fountain Hills, AZ)

We were woken by the wind very early this must have just been a wind storm passing through because when I got up at 6:00, it was calm out.  The temperatures over the next few days are forecast to be lower than they have been...mid 60s...but still sunny, so the wind probably brought in the “cold” front.

Steve finished cleaning and treating the rubber seals on the last slider and then started working on the trailer batteries (they need to be equalized occasionally....yeah, yeah...nothing but work, poor fellow) when Lucky from Lucky Luciano Custom & Collision arrived.  He does custom paint/graphics/airbrushing...and much more...and he had agreed to come out to see us rather than us try and take our whole rig to him. Some of his work has made it into many car and truck magazines and he will have a couple of vehicles in the Barrett Jackson Classic Car and Auction Show that starts in Scottsdale January 15th. Rather than have vinyl graphics, which we understand only lasts about 4 years, we have chosen to have the graphics (to match the trailer) painted on instead.  Lucky spoke to Steve at length about what we wanted, different options available, etc, and after taking pictures, he was on his way.  He will get back to us by Tuesday with an estimate.  He will also need the truck for at least a week to do the work, so if we decide to have him do the work, we will have to come back to this area after we go to the RV Show in Quartzsite. 
While waiting for the batteries to "do their thing", we sat outside in the sunshine.  Although the temperature was not supposed to be as warm, the direct sunshine was sure plenty warm enough!  There was a light breeze, though, that made it a little cool every once in a while.  After the batteries were finished...they didn`t take nearly as long as they did last time...we decided to go for a bike ride.  It ended up just being a short half hour ride...but we did get out and get a bit of exercise today!
After our bike ride, we "resumed our position" in our chairs, enjoying the sunshine.  I have started on a new book and am quite enjoying it.  As the sun started getting lower in the sky, Steve took these pictures of the mountains from our site...beautiful...

We headed inside just before 5:00, it was getting a little chilly out...besides we wanted to try using Skype to call Rob and is Angie`s birthday.  After a couple of tries, we gave up and called on the cell phone.  Unfortunately, the Rogers Rocket Stick doesn`t have a strong enough signal for Skype.  Angie wasn`t home yet from a birthday lunch with friends so we had a nice chat with Rob and will call back later to talk to Angie.
Today was "talk to the family" we called Chris and Steve also spoke to Nadine and Mike (sister and brother-in-law).    This is a picture I took of the moon coming up over the mountains while Steve was on the phone...

After dinner we settled in to watch a Bad Company concert on TV...and also had nice (but much too short) chat with Angie...Happy Birthday to a very special Daughter-in-Law!!

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