Monday, January 23, 2012 (BLM La Posa South Camp, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was a cloudy, breezy day as we headed into Quartzsite on the quads...there was a 30% chance of rain; let’s hope it doesn’t happen.  Holy cats! I ever glad that we are able to ride our ATV’s into town to the RV show!  The traffic was horrendous with vehicles backed up for miles!  We were able to just whip by them all riding the ATV trail that paralleled the highway.

It was about 11:00 by the time we found a spot to park the quads, locked them up...

....and headed inside to the mob of people wandering around....

We wandered around for about 3 hours...and decided that was enough...besides the clouds were getting very looked like rain, so we had better get home.  I felt one rain drop on my face as we drove, but that was all, thank goodness.

As I made lunch, Steve started the task of replacing the light bulbs in some of the lights in the trailer...LED lights were our main purchase at the show.  They use a lot less energy than the regular ones and when we are boondocking, it will make quite a difference in the battery power we use.  They are also much brighter...a plus for the kitchen area. We also purchased a small table to put the BBQ on so we don’t have to use the large table which requires a lot of unloading just to get it out of the basement storage.

By late afternoon, it had become quite blustery out again and it did rain a bit, so we hunkered down inside.  Steve read while I worked on the laptop, posting our blog and answering emails.

Our neighbour, Earl, invited us out on another ATV ride will be good to get another ride in before we leave the area.

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