Friday, January 13, 2012 (Usery Mountain Regional Park, Mesa, AZ)

It was quite windy again this morning but the sky was clear and the forecast high was expected to be 68F.  After coffee, we did our resistance exercises, had breakfast, showered and were ready to go.

We drove a short distance to a large staging area...where there were a bunch of horse trailers being unloaded.  There must have been at least a dozen horses...a large group of people were heading out on a trail ride. this the right place?  Doesn’t seem to me that horses and ATV’s mix very well.  Steve got out and went to check...yup, this is the OHV trailhead for Bulldog Canyon.

We unloaded the quads and were on our was shortly after 11:00.  We took so many great pictures that it was difficult choosing which ones to post.  Since we are currently using our Rogers rocket stick to connect with the internet, we are limited in the number of pictures we can at some point in the future when we have WiFi, we'll do up a web album of all pictures.

This is where we stopped for lunch...

As we were getting ready to take off after lunch, I noticed this cholla pod on my front tire.  The needles are deadly...really hard to get out--it took us over 10 minutes to pick all the needles off.  Steve had an encounter with this cactus when we first arrived at Usery Mountain.  When setting up, he managed to get "stuck" on his feet and hands...ouch...

Some scenery pictures...

We got back to the truck just before 4:00...we’d had a great day of riding!  After loading the quads back into the truck, we were on our way home.  The first thing we did was change into our shorts and sit outside in the late afternoon sunshine.  It was surprisingly warm still...considering it was going on 5:00.

Tomorrow is laundry more putting it off!  My brother and sister-in-law also arrive in Mesa tomorrow.  Dennis and Suzanne have been in Yuma for the past couple of months and are now going to explore this area...we are really looking forward to seeing them!

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