Monday, January 16, 2012 (Usery Mountain Regional Park, Mesa, AZ)

There was a heavy cloudy covering hanging low over the surrounding mountains this morning...the sun is forecast to re-appear within the next day or so and we are certainly looking forward to that!

After our trip to Quartzsite, we are returning to this area to have graphics painted on our truck (at a shop in Phoenix) so we need to find a place to park our fifth-wheel for two weeks...and, of course, we are going to need full hook-ups.  Since Dennis and Suzanne are spending a month at Val Vista, we thought that we would see if we could get a site there as well.  So I called there first thing this morning and automatically gave our total length asking for one of their pull-through sites...other than a day here-and-there, nothing was available for a solid two week period.  Drats...guess I’m going to have to get researching other RV parks.  What we realized later was that, yes, a pull-through site would be more convenient to get into but since the truck wasn’t going to be there for most of the time, we could likely take a regular back-in site.  We plan on arriving on Friday, January 27 and the truck goes into the shop on Monday, January 30, so we would just need someplace to park the truck for the weekend.  I’m going to call back tomorrow morning and see if a site is available...hopefully, we can work something would be nice being in the same park with Dennis and Suzanne.

Steve’s favourite kind of shopping is on the agenda today...we’re going to Best Buy to purchase a new camera to replace my failing Nikon.  I really like my little takes great pictures and we certainly have used it lots over the past 18 months since we started our travels.  However, after much research, Steve suggested I get a Canon PowerShot ELPH310HS.  It has one of the best ratings with excellent reviews.

Of course, the two closest Best Buy stores didn’t have that particular model in stock...we ended up having to go to another store that was in east Mesa.  But we found what we wanted and I now have a brand new pretty purple pocket camera!

While we were out we thought we would try to find a camera store where Steve could find the higher quality polarized lens filter that he needed for his camera.  After getting the addresses for two stores, we found that both had closed.  Replacing the lens filter that fell off his camera is proving to be a bit of a challenge!  All he can find are low-quality inexpensive ones.

It was after 3:00 by the time we finally got home.  We wanted to get out for a little exercise so after Steve quickly set up my camera, we headed out on a walk to a ‘Nature Trail’ in the campground.  We took a few pictures...

We only have one more day here before heading off to tomorrow morning I am going to go pick up a few groceries while Steve gets some things done around here in preparation for leaving Wednesday.  Later on Dennis and Suzanne are going to come over for a visit...and they are bringing dinner so I won’t have to cook...bonus!

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