Sunday, January 22, 2012 (BLM La Posa South Camp, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was after 7:00 when we crawled out of bed this’s been a long time since we got up that late!

After our usual leisurely start to the day, we headed into Quartzsite to fill one of the propane tanks. Once that was done, we thought we would take a bit of a drive around the area.  It certainly is a busy little place this time of year with the RV Show, followed by the Gem Show and then a car show.  We ended up stopping at another shopping area and buying some flags to put on our ATVs so that we can be seen when driving on the desert.  We just need to find an accessory that we can put on the back rack of the quad to attach the pole.  Normally, it would be easy to attach the flag pole to the rack but our cargo boxes are in the way.

Back home, Steve swept out the truck and fuelled up the quads and generator while I baked cookies ( about that?  We can’t find any healthy ones to buy, so I guess I’ll have to bake them!)...and attempted to upload pictures to our blog.  It’s a very long process with slow internet.

Once we were both finished with our chores, we decided to go for a power felt good to get some exercise.  After that, we sat outside with a bevie but as the cloud covering the sun got thicker, it got a little chilly, so we headed inside...and I finally managed to get our blog posted!

For some reason we had trouble using our TracFone to call Canada...we would just get a busy signal and after trying three different numbers and getting a busy signal with all of them, we figured it was something wrong with the phone.  A few minutes later, Rob and Angie called.  I guess when we got a busy signal, they actually got the call and no one was there, so they determined it must have been us so they called us back.  We had a great chat with them...both of us having the speaker on.  After that, we thought we would try Steve’s sister, Nadine.  The call went through this time and we also had a great chat with her and Mike.

After dinner, Steve called his dad and then we also managed to get through to Chris (after a couple of tries) was great chatting with family back home.  Now it was time to settle into an evening of TV...

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