Wednesday. to Monday, January 24 to 29, 2018 (LaPosa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We woke to another chilly morning Wednesday...and although it didn't end up being an overly warm day, the sky was blue and the sun was shining! All is good!

After our usual start to the day, we got out for a walk...stopping for a chat with Jim and Barb (and Daisy and Dakota) along the way.

The rest of the day was spent getting our blog up-to-date...and I was happy to have it all done and posted by 4:00! Just in time to load our chairs onto our quads...and head over to Pam and Red's for happy hour and a 'Hobo Soup' party. Actually we all gathered at Mike and Dawne's spot, just across from Pam and Red's.
Steve, on the left, talking to Brian and Red...Sue and Linda on the right...
The soup party is an interesting concept...everyone brings a can of "something" to pour into the pot. So there was quite a variety of items added including some fresh veggies. Pam also browned some venison burger and added it. Pam and Dawne also added some seasoning.

Pam putting the finishing touches on the pot of soup, with Dawne looking on...
Soup is ready! Pam thanking everyone for participating...
The soup was really good...and paired with some cornbread made for a wonderful dinner.

Thursday was one of those days where all of a sudden it was 3:00 and you're left wondering how that happened! It was almost noon by the time I had showered...that was after exercises, a 3 mile walk, breakfast and dishes.

Steve was outside cleaning out the back of the truck, our guest room, so I could set up our air bed for Dave and Leslie. They are making a quick trip down to Phoenix from northern Alberta and are going to come out tomorrow and spend a night with us. We also took down the sunscreen, put the awning in and took the flag off the was a "breezy" day.

Once that was done, I spent some time on the laptop. Steve found the dash camera he wanted on Amazon, so I ordered that for him. Over the years we've had a few close calls on the road and our trip south this year was no exception. This will give us a little more assurance in the case of an accident. I did some banking and then cooked a pork shoulder roast in the Instant Pot to make pulled pork sandwiches for tomorrow night. thing I knew, it was 4:00! Time for Steve and I to take a drink outside and enjoy the last of the afternoon sun...behind the trailer, out of the wind. A few minutes later, Jim and Barb walked over to say hi...we were chatting with them, when Harry and Vicki joined us. A little while later over come Debbie and Steve...Steve with his arms full of liquor bottles...and little red shot glasses. Next thing we knew, we had an impromptu happy "hour(s)".

Steve poured shots for everyone to try...don't think Debbie liked that one!
The array of bottles increased as others went back to their rigs to bring out more liqueurs for tasting. Ewe...that's good!
When the sun went down behind the mountains, Steve brought out our Campfire-in-a-Can and the shots continued.

Jim and Daisy...
I'm not sure what time we packed it in...all I know is that walking a "straight line" was very difficult. I did managed to make dinner but the rest of that evening is a bit of a "blur" LOL!

Friday morning I woke up feeling surprisingly well...I think having dinner (and not just a snack) was my saving grace. Whew! Thank goodness because we have company arriving today!

At first light, Steve was outside...he wanted to dump our holding tanks before it got too busy at the sani-dump. I cleaned up inside and then made up the air bed in the truck...all ready for Dave and Leslie. It's supposed to go down to 39 F/4 C tonight...all we have are two sleeping bags to use as blankets. I put one on top of the airbed, then the sheets...and one on top. I hope they will be warm enough! These are pictures of our "guest room" we took last year when they were here...

Just before noon, the phone rang...Dave and Leslie were here, so Steve rode his quad out to usher them into our spot. Dave and Leslie are the couple from Bonnyville, Alberta who we met in August, 2016 when we were in northern Alberta. To read about our visit with them, check out our blog posts starting August 12, 2016.

After big hugs and letting them put their suitcases in the "guest room", we headed off into town to the RV show. Battling the traffic and finding a parking spot was challenging...but we managed to get a spot arriving just as a vehicle was pulling out.

Our first stop was at Beer Belly's for lunch...
We spent the next couple of hours checking out the fifth-wheels and then parted ways for about a half hour while Steve and I picked up a couple of things in the tent. Steve wanted to replace our old TST Tire Pressure Monitor with their new colour monitor. Our old one has a defective pin connector but still works. On Amazon the price is $129.80 so the show price was a good deal at $99.95

We were back home just after 3:00...time to get ready for the potluck happy hour we had arranged so that Dave and Leslie could meet fellow RV-Dreamers and bloggers.

Me, Dave and Pam...with Debbie coming up behind us...oh, oh, here we go again, Dave brought some Canadian Whiskey to share!
Leslie, Steve (M) and me...with Roger behind us...
Dave and Leslie talking to another 'Dave', Faye, Debbie, Jim, me, Barb, Roger and Cindi around the food table...
Roger, Cindi, Jim, Jim, Ced, Barb, Jim, Dave, Faye, Vicki and Harry...
Dave, Leslie, me, Red, Pam, Cindi, Cindi Roger and Roger (sounds like I am stuttering again! LOL)
Dave, Leslie and me...

Saturday morning...and a cold one at 37F. Yes, Dave and Leslie had a cold night out in the truck...sorry, guys, wish we had had a small heater to put in there. We were also chilled getting up until we got our heater going.

We had a relaxing start to the day, visiting while Dave and Leslie warmed up with their coffee. After breakfast, we headed out for a walk...and then sat outside chatting until it was time for our guests to head back to Phoenix. Such a wonderful visit with them...thanks for coming out for a visit, we know that your trip down to Phoenix was a short one. Next year you'll be here as full timers too!

After disassembling our guest room, we rode our quads into town. We hadn't been able to find the Tough Top Awnings booth in or around the big tent, so we thought they may be with the vendors on the north side of Keuhn Road. We have a slide topper we purchased from them 3 years ago that is starting to tear along the seam.

We walked up and down all of the isles of vendors, but no Tough Top...hmmm...their website said they'd be at the Quartzsite show this year. Oh well, I guess Steve will just have to phone them. We had one final walk-through the tent and then headed home.

A couple of interesting sights we saw while in town. Side-x-sides are sure getting big and it's not even one of the 6 seaters!

We actually had an early dinner tonight (getting smart in our old age LOL)...we were all finished by 5:30 when it was time to go out for a campfire. We're all getting together for Steve and Debbie's last night here at LaPosa. Steve brought out the favourite liqueur...Salted Caramel....and after divvying up what was left in the bottle, Debbie got the last drop! Pam, Red and Jim...
The gang!
Oh, Oh...Steve brought out another cool looking bottle for us to taste...some sort of spiced rum. It didn't taste too bad...
It was another great time around the fire....we're going to miss you, Steve and Debbie!

Sunday morning we went outside just as Debbie and Steve were all packed up and ready to go. After big hugs, they were on their way. Great being able to spend time getting to know you better this year!

Steve and I headed out for a morning power walk...I wanted to ensure I got at least 3 miles in, so on the way back, Steve took a slightly shorter route so he could get home and have a shower. I continued on ending up walking 3.5 miles by the time I reached our trailer.

While we were gone, Red and Pam moved in next door, taking the spot vacated by Steve and Debbie. It is a bit difficult getting in around the many bushes spread out over the area, but they did it...and pretty soon they were basically all set up.

We were sitting outside when Red and Pam joined us. Pam was putting together a replacement container for a geocache that she and Debbie had found yesterday...the original container was smashed. There didn't seem to be any response by the owner regarding maintenance of the cache and since it was a cache that had been placed quite a few years ago, Pam thought she'd just replace it.

Once she had finished covering the container with camo-tape, I went with her to replace the smashed one. See it??
It's under the branches...
Back home, we all sat outside under our awning/sunshade enjoying a cool bevie..."all" included Harry, Vicki, Red, Pam and Jim...who was having some "away" time from the grandkids (their daughter and kids are visiting for the week). Figuring that Jim was "hiding out", Barb also popped over for a quick visit...see ya Jim!

That night I decided to make ribs in the Instant Pot...they were a hit! I'll definitely be making them again!

Monday was chore day. We headed off into town with 4 bags of laundry. Steve dropped me and the laundry off and went to get propane and water while I did the laundry. About forty minutes later he was back and we loaded the clean bags of laundry into the truck. Then it was onto more errands...diesel, gas, and then Quiet Times to pick up some packages.

Once that was all done, we decided to stop at La Mesa RV to check out a new fifth-wheel...before they move all of their inventory out. They didn't have the Vanleigh Beacon that we wanted to see but we did wander through the Vilano, Big Country and Big Horn fifth-wheels. We actually found a floor plan we really like...being similar to our current one. It was a Big Horn (by Heartland) but when I checked into it online, I found out that it is 43'8" long...yikes! That's a tad bit long...about another 5 feet longer than we already are. Our total length (including the bikes on the back) is 66'...add another 5' and that would make us 71' long!!

It was shortly after noon when we got home...time to hang the clothes on the line to dry. While I was doing that, Steve opened up his new "toy"...the dash camera. After reading all about it, he spent considerable time getting it all set up and installed in the truck.

The laundry dried almost as fast as I hung it on the line. Once it was all done, Pam came over and we both worked on our projects...she crochets very cute "recovery buddies" and I sewed together slippers that I had knitted.

Then it was 4:00...and time for tonight's gathering. We're having a wienie roast over the campfire tonight! Before starting the fire, we all sat in the shade until the sun had dipped low enough in the sky...and then Steve got the campfire going. Jim, Barb...and their daughter and grandkids, Jessica, Dillon and Kendall...Red and Pam, Harry and Vicki, and Jim and Cec all started off our evening. Jim and Brenda, and Cindi (Roger is away), all joined us a little later.

Pam roasting her hot dogs (and self) over the the fire, with Vicki watching on....
Jim (R), Jim (N), Dillon , Pam and Red...
Time for marshmallows and/or s'mores! Harry, Dillon, Kendall, Jim and Cec...
The "crowds" thinned out slowly...leaving only Brenda, Jim, Cec, Jim, Steve and I sitting around the fire until shortly after 9:00. Another great evening here in the desert!


  1. Wow, I got exhausted all over again just reading about our evenings. It was really nice meeting Dave and Leslie, they are a great couple. See you tonight at the fire!

    1. I you think our kids could keep up with all of us old farts! Dave and Leslie were so happy to meet all the RV Dreamer bloggers.

  2. Wow you guys are as busy as usual at this time of year. Glad the weather is cooperating with sunshine. Instant Pot Ribs are fabulous, glad you tried it. :)

    1. The weather has been fabulous...even forecast warmer this week. Steve really liked the ribs...and so easy. The only thing is the stuck to the grill when finishing them off...oh well...

  3. We had such an Awesome time this year at the Q!!! Thanks all!!! Wish we were still there! All the pictures were wonderful! Great Friends, Excellent food, and Shots Galore!!! Already looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!!!

    1. It was a blast spending time with you guys. We had so much fun and hopefully we'll have a repeat next year! Safe travels.

  4. Wow! That's a whole lot of socializing. I'm tired and I didn't even have to talk to anyone. Looks like you are all having a fun time. Love your guest room!!

    1. It's one big friendly village here in Q! Not much down time. The truck works out great as a guest room so everyone still has some privacy, just lacks a bathroom for the ladies.

  5. What a blast we had!! So great to meet everyone and see the life of a fulltimer... well for one night anyway :) The guest room was a little chilly this year but well worth the minor chill to meet a fantastic bunch and have a great time. Can't wait for next year and having our rig a little closer to the action! Stay thirsty my friends and special thanks to Diane and Steve for helping us get acquainted.

    1. We're so glad you made the visit and met everyone. Next year you'll be one of us when you finally hit the road as a fulltimer, and look at all the people you know already! Stay warm up there! 😜