Thursday to Tuesday, January 18 to 23, 2018 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

I'm starting this blog post with pictures that Jim (and Barb) took of our site from his them, thanks Jim! Guess who wants one? Hmmm....drone or RC plane? Steve is definitely trying to wear me down...and you're not helping, Jim...or Red!

Thursday morning Jim and Cec picked us up at 9:00 and we headed to Parker for groceries. They were going to Walmart anyway, so asked if we needed to stock up too...and invited us to join them. Thanks guys...appreciate it!

After our shopping was done, we went to Stroke's Bar and Grill, just north of Parker, for lunch. Good food...and good company!
We were home just before 2:00...time to unload and put the groceries away.

When we arrived at LaPosa, we met a couple at the water station when we were filling our tanks. Well, it happens that Jack works in the parts department at Traveland RV in Langley, BC. We have been to Traveland many times and have even had work done on our rig there. Well, on another trip to the water station, Steve met Jack again and they got to talking about our shower stall. So Jack called seems they can order in a new stall but won't install it because we did not purchase our fifth-wheel from them! Sheesh! We seem to be running into this more often as dealers are becoming busier and busier. They seem to only be able to keep up with service to their own sales. Gee...when the economy takes a dive and they are hurting for business, they'll be changing their tune! Anyway, to make a long story short, Jack came over this afternoon to take pictures of our shower stall and get the vin number of our rig. He's going to see what he can do for us. Thanks, Jack!

While Jack was here, Jim and Barb arrived. As luck would have it, folks in a spot next to Harry and Vicki...just across from Deb and Steve and us...left just before they arrived. Good timing! So after Jack left, we walked over for a quick hello and hug...and then left them to complete their set up

Of course, 4:00 arrived...and time for a gathering! Happy Hour around the campfire behind our place...we actually started off in the shade and then moved over after the sun got lower in the sky.
Les and Sue stopped by on their way home and joined us around the campfire...
Friday morning Steve continued to edit pictures from our ride last Wednesday.

Late morning Red and Pam arrived...they had been over at Road Runner BLM for a Grand Design Rally. After big hugs, we chatted and gave them some options as to where to park. They chose a spot a little ways away but not far...still within sight, at least!

I checked out chili recipes for my Instant Pot...and then got to work on that. We are having a small gathering at our place to welcome all of our fellow RV-Dreamers to another season at Q.

We started off with happy hour in the shade. Left to right around the circle...Jim, Barb, Pam, Red Vicki, Harry, Steve, Debbie and Steve...

Red went back over to their rig to get the fixin's for "small beers" (they introduced us to them when we connected in Casa Grande. Pam making them with 43 Liqueur and liquid whipping cream...very smooth.

 Then it was dinner time...
 Followed by a beautiful Arizona sunset!

Saturday morning, Steve headed off  with Red, Jim and Steve to the Swap Meet at the RC Airfield. While they were gone, I went out for my 3 mile walk...and had just gotten back and was sitting with a bottle of water when the guys got home. Gee, they weren't gone much more than an hour...but I guess they saw all they needed to see. And Steve didn't come home with a RC plane...whew! :)

After my shower, I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen...and then Steve got to work on taking apart the electrical outlet that is against the wall beside the stove. When I had tried to plug my Instant Pot into it to make the chili, it wouldn't work. There didn't seem to be any power to it and all the other plugs are working and no breakers have tripped, so he thought there might be a loose wire or maybe a mouse has chewed through a wire.

Well, he had a hellava time getting it apart...there are four very stiff tabs that you have to compress for it to come apart. Which would be fine...if you had four hands! So in frustration he grabbed 4 screwdrivers and jabbed each one into the tab holes and forced it apart. What a stupid frigin design!!!!

Once he got it apart, there were no loose wires...he couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Guess we will have to ask our neighbour Steve (an electrical engineer) who had previously offered his services to take a look sometime if we needed assistance.

While he was doing that, I worked on a blog post for a bit and then decided to do a little baking. Steve went outside to replace a broken key lock on the trucks small access door to the air cleaner.

He managed to get that done before the wind really picked up and we had a little was a much cooler day today with wind forecast for the next day or two.

Since the Desert Bar is only open weekends...and Deb and Steve wanted to make a trip out to it while was basically Sunday or not at all. So, although a cool breezy morning, we joined them for the day trip...along with Harry and Vicki.

As usual, Cienega Springs Road...the 5 mile route off hwy 95 to the bar...hadn't changed much. It was a very lumpy, bumpy ride that seemed a lot longer than 5 miles! (that's Steve and Deb's kayak they carry above their cab that is showing in the pictures)
It's a pretty drive but these pictures lie because the road looks smooth and it's far from it!!!
 The Nellie E Desert Bar coming into view...
We arrived to find the parking lot was about noon and with it not opening until noon, we certainly didn't expect it to be so busy already. The last time it had been that busy when we arrived, we learned it had opened early because there was a big desert naturally, I figured there must be another event today. But apparently was just folks getting there early.
 A new roof or floor above the lower area under construction...
 The band playing today was called Sidewynder...they were really good.

 We found a great table for six up on the cliff-side on the the sun and not too windy!
 Debbie, me, Steve, Steve, Harry and Vicki...
That's the original Desert Bar, they've come a long way since those days!
Leaving across the overhead walkway. There are many levels to this place...
Nellie E Saloon - The Desert Bar is such a cool, unique spot...a "must see" spot to visit if you are in the area...and can handle the road in!

Monday morning we had some errands to run in town. As we headed out, we passed a long line of RV's waiting their turn to use the sani-dump and fill with water. With the US government shutdown Friday night, the LTVA's have been closed. The gatehouse has been closed since then...and apparently they will be shutting down the sani-dump and water at 11:00 today. This is causing a lot of angst among the thousands of us RVer's the height of the season!

Our trip into town demanded much patience as we sat in heavy traffic. This week is an absolute zoo around here with the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show! About a mile up hwy 95 from the LaPosa South entrance, the traffic many vehicles trying to turn left into the show parking or onto Kuehn Road which is another couple of miles ahead. 

After inching through that stretch, we made it onto the overpass over I-10 and to Quiet Times to pick up a couple of parcels. We made a stop at the bank's ATM and continued onto our next stop which was the water kiosk by the VFW parking lot...and it was out of water. Well, we'll just have to try one of the other drinking water kiosks. 
Next was the RV Pit Stop to get propane...traffic was backed up for almost a block when we arrived as people were waiting to get in for propane, use their sani-dump and/or fill with water.
We finally made it in, had our propane tank filled and continued onto a new water kiosk that we had seen near the Arco station at the east entrance to Q. The access to it was blocked...hmmm...guess it's not open yet. We ended up filling our 3 five gallon water containers at a Glacier drinking water machine outside of the Dollar Store. By the way, we pay $1 for 5 gallons (or $0.25 per one gallon)...pretty reasonable. 

That afternoon Red and Pam stopped by for a visit. Pam and I finished off a bottle of red wine she had brought over the other night while Red and Steve had a beer. We had a nice visit and then they headed off.

A few minutes later, Steve from next door popped over with his electrical testing meters to have a look at our electrical outlet. He asked all of the right questions...and we soon realized that the only time we use that outlet is when we have shore-power. It is where I plug in our electric toaster. soon as Steve fired up the generator it worked just fine. Obviously that outlet is not like the other outlets that run off of the we learned something new today! After living in our rig for almost 8 years! LOL Thanks Steve!

With that chore taken care of, Steve cracked open the bottle of Canadian Mist Whisky that he received at the Christmas Party at High Chaparral. Drinking it "over rocks"...cheers!
Debbie joined us and we sat chatting until almost 8:00! Wow...that was fast!

Tuesday morning Steve jumped on his quad and headed out to the garbage dumpsters to meet fellow Cowichan Valley ATV club friends from Victoria and direct them into our place. Larry and Judi have rented a park model at a resort in Yuma for three months and have never been to the RV Show in Q. We sat outside chatting for an hour or so and then headed to Silly Al's for lunch. 
We figured it wouldn't be as busy at lunchtime as it is at dinnertime...wrong! The place was packed and they warned us that food would be about a 40 minute wait. An hour later, it came...we were starving by that time! We quickly devoured our meals and then headed to the show.

Still pretty busy on day 4!
Shortly after 4:00, Steve and I went to Beer Belly's while Larry and Judi made their purchases and took them out to their truck.
The place was packed but we managed to find an empty table. I'm on the far right....
 Once Larry and Judi had finished their shopping, they joined us for an adult beverage...
Of course, you must always get your picture taken in the huge chair at the entrance to the bar...
We thought we'd give The Grubstake a try for dinner...but of course it was packed too! We were standing at the doorway waiting when a fellow came over to me and said "Hi Dianne"...okay, we've met tons of people but his face does not look familiar whatsoever. After Brian introduced himself, he said he recognized me from our blog! Steve particularly remembers Brian's comments on our trip to Alaska in 2013. Wow...what a small world! 

We were waiting outside debating on just going back to our place and having a bite to eat when Brian came out with his wife, Heather. He said Heather would find us a table. Okay then...we went back inside. Awhile later, Heather seated us at a table and left menus. We waited and waited but no one came to even take a drink we decided to leave. We could tell that even if we got our order taken, it would be quite awhile before our food was served. The Grubstake is notorious for being short-staffed...and today was no different. I can't quite understand this, particularly it being in the height of the busy season with the show on. So...thank you, Brian and Heather. It was great meeting you both. I'm sorry we "ran out" and didn't get a chance to talk more to you.

So back at our place, Judi helped me put out some veggies and humus along with cheese, crackers and sausage. We continued our visit a little longer and then they had to head back to Yuma. What a great day we had! Looking forward to getting together in February when you bring your quad up to Q for that ride with other club members!


  1. It is great to be back with all our Quartzsite friends!

  2. Really cool that you guys are all together! Looks like fun..a Steve and Steve drink off lol.

  3. Looks like lots to do around Quartzite. We're looking forward to it.
    It seems that outlet that doesn't work is at the end of a wire. Steve will have to find the other end that feeds it. Likely another plug somewhere. That feeder plug may be working but the power from it may not be passed along to the dead plug. If the plug is in a slideout then maybe the movement of the wires when the slide extends and retracts has broken on of the wires and that could be very hard to track down. Hope this made sense. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Dave. We discovered that plug only works on shore or generator power and isn't wired through the inverter.
      See you soon!