Monday and Tuesday, January 1 and 2, 2018 (High Chaparral RV Park, Casa Grande, AZ)

Our week...and year...started off with a major cleaning day. Not a very exciting New Year's day, I'm afraid.

Steve was outside early to get started on washing the truck...a job that kept him busy well into the afternoon because he had to dry the truck immediately as he washed it in order to prevent spotting from the minerals in the water. He also sprayed the dust off the quads and we wiped them off in prep for loading. Most RV parks in the south do not allow you to wash anything so we had to take advantage of the opportunity.

While he was doing that, I was inside giving the trailer a major cleaning...this is, after all, our last full hook-up site for awhile, as we are heading out to boondock on the desert.

Just after 3:00, Sandy stopped by to see if we were coming down to their place for a Gin Fizz. Apparently it is their New Year's Day tradition to serve Gin Fizzes all day long to friends who pop by. So, we finished up what we were both doing and headed down...don't think we have ever had a Gin Fizz...very good! We had a nice visit and then headed home...we were both tired after our busy cleaning day!

Tuesday morning...the work continued. Steve loaded the quads back into the truck and packed up stuff outside in preparation for leaving tomorrow. He wasn't sure how successful he would be riding up the ramps with a flat tire but it went well. I did one final batch of laundry.
Yesterday afternoon, Jim and Suzie had stopped by to see if we would like to go to the Eloy Airport to watch the sky divers from Skydive Arizona. It was on our "must do list" while here but we just hadn't had a we quickly took them up on their offer and arrangements were made for this afternoon.
These guys are wearing flying suits...
 Jim, Suzie and me...
Note the jump plane  on the lower right...                                   

That building is for indoor sky diving...


This guy was testing some equipment. We watched him gently float for quite awhile, then he went into a spin, cut away his parachute, then opened another. In the distance to the left of the building you can see his first chute falling to the ground.
Steve took a short video that really shows how gracefully they land...
The jump plane returning...
We were back home just before glad we were able to see the skydivers! Thanks so much for taking us, Jim and Suzie...we really enjoyed it. It was also great getting a chance to spend more time with you both. We hope our paths cross many times in the future!

Karen and Wayne were having happy hour at their place we joined them for one final visit. As usual, a great glad we met you all. Our stay here has been wonderful and we really appreciate you "taking us under your wing"!
If you're ever in the area we highly recommend High Chaparral RV Park. The people here are the friendliest we have ever experienced in a private park!


  1. Your New Year started the same way ours did! We pulled into our new park on Jan 1 and went right to the wash bay. Washed and dried this giant. Then Tuesday, John waxed and I deep cleaned the inside. While it is exhausting, it always feels so good to have everything cleaned and shiny!

  2. The only thing missing in your pictures is us! :) lol

  3. We booked a couple days there later this week, looks like a great place! Are rig is filthy, so I can wash our rig there????

  4. I guess every day can't be a play day! 😜

  5. Watching all the parachuters is pretty cool right? Did you check out the indoor skydiving? They have benches so you can watch if you don't want to go in. It's a blast and good way to try it without jumping out of a plane. Have fun in Quartzsite.

    1. Never had the chance to check it out. It was late in the day and our last day in Casa Grande.
      I (Steve) think it would be fun to do if not too expensive.
      Enjoy your snow ! 😜