Saturday to Tuesday, January 13 to 16, 2018 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was another gorgeous day Saturday...just love all of the blue sky and sunshine! Steve and I managed to get in our morning walk before it was time to get a few chores done.

We've been out on a couple of rides with the new tires on the rather than take any further chances with those nasty cactus, Steve decided he'd better get some Slime Tire Sealant pumped into them.
While he was doing that, I took care of some odds and ends inside.

Friends...and fellow RV-Dreamers, Steve and Debbie arrived in the afternoon, taking the spot next door to us. Welcome, you two...and Hurley! So glad we'll actually get to spend more time with you this year. Last year they were stuck in a soggy field for months at her brothers place after all of the rain northern California had. They hadn't been able to get their fifth-wheel out but did manage a road trip with a brief stop in Q where we met them at Beer Belly's.

At 4:00 Ruth and Dale arrived...followed by Les and Sue and then Jim and Cec. It's happy hour time...and a perfect way to say goodbye to Ruth and Dale who leave Q tomorrow...and welcome Steve and Debbie. The folks in this spot before us built a great fire pit back out on the edge of the wash behind us. Left to right, Steve, Dale, Ruth, Sue, Les, Cec, Jim, Debbie and Steve...
 Time for a campfire!
 Hurley was too funny...he kept stealing the firewood...
Sunday morning we got out for a long walk...then Steve tackled his chores for today. First off...change and wash the air filters in the quads.
After he had finished that, it was time to hook up the "poop-mobile" to the quad and make a run over to the water station to fill the fresh water tank.
Pumping the fresh water into the holding tank...and no it's not coming out of the tank labelled "used" LOL :-)
So...what did I do? Well...I didn't have the chores that Steve did. I did a little cleaning...a little knitting and then went for another 3 mile walk. At least I'm getting some exercise!

Monday we decided to ride our quads over to Kuehn Street and check out more vendors. We parked the quads across from Beer Belly's...handy spot LOL. We headed across the road and wandered around the vendors there. When we were finished, we headed back to the quads, and of course, stopped in for a beer at Beer Belly's. We were just finishing our drinks when I looked up...and there were a couple of familiar faces...The Fergs! Allen and Donna are out at Plomosa Road BLM with a group...tis the season for gatherings of all sorts! We had a great chat with good seeing you both again!
Before heading home, we thought we'd check to see if the fifth-wheel we wanted to see had arrived for the show...and it had! The Grand Design Solitude 375RES has a floorplan that we quite like. The living room is raised allowing for some major storage below it...
Steve thinks he doesn't have enough stuff to fill the storage area but Red has since suggested many RC planes would fit along the sides...
Well...we can dream, can't we?

Tuesday was my turn for a major chore...laundry! Steve dropped me off at the Main Street Laundromat and after helping me carry the laundry bags in, he headed off to check out the RC Airfield.
There were only a few flying electric jet...
About 40 minutes later, I was finished...he was back and helping me load the clean, but wet, laundry back into the truck. Before going home, though, we checked out some firewood vendors...this is the first year I can remember where there are a number of places selling firewood. After stopping at one, we decided to go to the spot we had gotten it in previous years...and that's where we ended up buying it. $6/ box of mesquite wood...we picked up 4 boxes...that should last us for a bit!

Once home, it was time to continue with my chores...hang the clean laundry on the clothesline to dry. As I was about to start, Harry and Vicki arrived...more RV-Dreamers that we connect with every year. They took a spot across the road from Steve and Debbie (and us). After greeting them and helping them figure out where to park their fifth-wheel, we left them alone to get set up...and I got back to my laundry hanging.

At 5:30, we took our chairs and a beverage next door. Steve and Debbie had included us in the welcome dinner for Harry and Vicki. We had a great visit and a delicious dinner!
After dinner, Steve (M) brought out their propane campfire and we sat around it catching up. Ahh...the "reunion" season has started here at Q! It's a great gathering place where so many folks converge once a year to re-connect...we love it!


  1. Busy, busy. You guys look great in the sunshine! Wish we were there too. :)

  2. And it's going to get busier! Wish you were here too.

  3. That Solitude is really cool, I had a hard time picturing it when you were describing it.

    1. We thought so. It's interesting how the floor plans have changed over the years.

  4. There's always something new in trailer plans. Warning! They want your money!
    Enjoy your Q visits. Looks like you'll have some full days.......and nights.

    1. It's wonderful re-connecting with everyone! Looking forward to seeing you both as well!