Monday and Tuesday, November 20 and 21, 2017 (Travel back to Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, AZ and a Busy Day!)

We are leaving this beautiful spot today...after ten days, it's time to move onto new adventures. We were't in any hurry, though...we are going back to Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood for a couple of nights. We have some "chores" to take care of before we head to uncharted territory!

So once it warmed up outside, it was time to get started...Steve taking care of stuff outside while I packed up inside. With my work basically done inside, I even had time to sit down to continue work on a blog.

Ray and Deb headed off before us...they were going to stop for diesel and groceries before checking into the park. Steve did a final collection of nails that were in our path. We finished up the last things to do....slides in and hookup and then started the slow drive out to pavement and the highway. The washboard on the road seems worse than when we arrived.

It was just before noon when we pulled into the park. Check in isn't until 1:00 but we had no issues being early...obviously folks who had been in our site had vacated by the 11:00 check out time. Not always the case, though...we were surprised at the number of rigs still pulling out.

We pulled into the sani-dump to empty the holding tanks. As we were doing that Ray and Deb pulled in behind us. We finished up and proceeded to our site. This time we are in site #64...a tad bit more difficult to manoeuvre into due to some bushes and the garbage bins across the road, but a nice site just the same on a bluff overlooking Cottonwood in the distance.
After getting all set up, we took the boat off...Steve is taking the truck in for a routine servicing tomorrow.

Tuesday was a busy work day. Steve headed off to Hansen Enterprises Fleet Repair in Camp Verde, about 20 minutes away.

Deb and I loaded laundry into her car and headed into town. On the way to the laundromat, we stopped at Ace Hardware so Deb could fill a propane tank.

Next up...a fun filled few hours at the laundromat. It was a large, clean, well maintained facility. When that was done, we made a quick stop at Walmart...and were home around 2:00.

Steve was pleased with Hansen Enterprises Fleet Repair. It's a mom and pop shop and they are extremely friendly. Steve was even able to hang with the owner Dave during the service. Steve had forgotten his wallet and Dave said that he could just phone in his credit card #. Wow!!

After the truck service, Steve ran a few errands. When I got home he had just finished installing a new break-away switch on the trailer hitch. When leaving and doing our final check Steve always pulls the cable out to engage the trailer brakes. When leaving our last spot they wouldn't engage. This is the second time the break-away switch has failed us. We wonder how many people never test theirs before hitting the road.

While I took care of the laundry and groceries, he filled our fresh water containers. Then we put the boat back on the truck...whew...with all our chores done in preparation for leaving tomorrow, it was time to relax for a bit.

Shortly before 4:00, Deb, Ray, Steve and I headed off into Old Town Cottonwood to meet Dave and Cheryl (new friends we met at Lone Rock) for an early dinner at Pizzeria Bocce.  We parked in the lot across the street from the restaurant...

We had a great time catching up with Dave and Cheryl....over beer and pizza. An absolutely wonderful evening! The staff here are friendly and efficient. The manager even visited every table to make sure they were happy with their service and server.
Ray, Dave, Cheryl, Steve, me and Deb...

With big hugs and "safe travels" we said goodnight to Dave and Cheryl. Thanks so much for dinner! We'll see you "down the road"!


  1. Nice to get those things taken care of, and the Beer and Pizza sounds excellent.

  2. You have seen and done some great stuff in that area, so nice there with all the colors and everybodies pictures are fantastic. Haven't heard about the truck squeal lately?? Did it go away? New friends from Alberta!! Albertans are pretty nice peeps really ;)

    1. There is so much to do in this area which we still haven't done. Gives us a reason to return.
      We still have the squeal but it's intermittent and not as bad...yet.

  3. A great night with great friends, and darned good pizza too. Beer wasn't bad either!
    See ya later!

    1. Thanks again for dinner Dave! It was a fun evening that seemed to fly by.