Friday, November 3, 2017 (Lone Rock Campground, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah)

Friday morning we were relaxing with our morning coffee when I got a text from Deb saying she had just gotten up, was going to throw some clothes on, grab a to-go mug of coffee and was going to head into Page to watch the hot air balloons launch. This weekend is the annual Page Hot Air Balloon Regatta. So Steve and I quickly got cleaned up and joined her.

We arrived just before 7:30 and found a parking spot in the Page Lumber parking was quickly filling up. The main launch area was right across the street at the golf it was a perfect vantage point (thanks to the tip from the folks at the salon yesterday).

In Arizona it's not unusual to see 4 wheelers on the streets...
Flame on...
First one in the air...
Testing out the propane heater...

Unfortunately we left in such a hurry this morning that we didn't think to take along chairs...folks behind us offered Deb one of their extras and I managed to perch on a low post....Steve pretty well wandered around getting plenty of pictures.

There were even balloons being launched from large parking lots around the area. They use a fan to inflate the balloon...
Turn on the flame...
Climb in, add a little more heat...
And launch...
Up, up and away!
It was a beautiful calm morning. The main event is tomorrow but strong winds are in the forecast...

Just over an hour later, we had seen pretty well all there was to see....there must have been close to 50 balloons in the air. So glad we got a chance to see them!
Time to head home...Steve snapped a few pics along the way.
Crossing above the Glen Canyon Dam...
Carl Hayden Dam and Visitor Centre...

After breakfast and dishes, the rest of the day was spent trying to get caught up on picture editing and our blog. I also did what prep work I could for dinner tonight...Ray and Deb are joining us for my first dinner using my new Instant Pot.

At about 4:00, Ray got a campfire going and we enjoyed a lovely happy hour with new friends and blog followers, Dave and Cheryl. They are fellow Canadians from Red Deer, Alberta and are new to the full-time RVing lifestyle.

Dinner is almost ready! First thing cooked in the Instant Pot was Apple Cider Pork Loin Roast (please excuse all the dirty dishes in the sink LOL)...
Dinner time...The pork was a touch over-cooked...but tasty.
And the end to another great day...


  1. Holy lotsa balloons Batman! Would be fun to try wouldn't it? How big an Instant Pot? Maybe Les will get one for Christmas :) Looks like fun times on the beach.

    1. Steve would love to try ballooning. We could have joined some of the others last year on our Africa trip that went on a Baloon Safari, but it was $1100 US! The Instant Pot is 6 qts.

  2. Sure wish we'd been there for that balloon lift off, I've always wanted to see them do that.

    1. This was a first for us. We'd seen balloons before from a distance, but never from inflation to lift off.

  3. Thanks you guys for your hospitality, and patience in answering ALL our questions. It was so great to meet you. Hopefully the next time we cross paths you won't lock the door when you see me coming with a notebook full of questions! :-) See ya later!

    1. Ha, ha, our door is always open! It was great meeting you both and we hope to see you down the road again somewhere. You were great students! Safe travels and enjoy your first year as fulltimers!

  4. Replies
    1. One of our favourites. There's so much to explore in this area and we haven't done it all yet.

  5. What a fantastic morning! Steve, your photos of the balloons with the red rocks are beautiful. The launch sounds more to my liking...the sun was already up:)