Wednesday and Thursday, April 19 and 20, 2017 (Peace Arch RV Park, Surrey, BC)

Wednesday morning after our usual start to the day, we were ready to head out. Our plan today is to go out to Langley and take care of a few errands.

Our first stop was Gold Key's time for a talk about what's next! Steve had previously sent Dave an email saying that it's time for Isuzu to replace this engine as we are so done with this never ending squealing issue. He had also included copies of our recent expenses which came to just over $3000 Cdn. Dave had forwarded his email to Isuzu the week before and still had not had a reply. He recommended that we again contact Isuzu Customer Service as they have done all they can and are out of ideas and didn't think it was fair for Gold Key to continue picking up the costs. If we had only been dealing with one dealer we would think they didn't have a clue as to what they were doing. However, we have now dealt with 3 different Isuzu dealers in 2 countries and none of them have been able to properly diagnose and fix this issue. It was a cordial meeting and Steve knew this day was coming.

Once finished there, we went over to a strip mall that has a few stores we wanted to take a look in...mainly for new Keen shoes for Steve. He found his shoes at the Atmosphere...a great outdoor store.

With that accomplished, we set the GPS to take us to Paris Orthotics...recommended by our doctor to have my feet assessed. They happened to have a satellite store in Langley, not too far away...sweet! We chatted with the fellow there and I made an appointment for a Pedorthic Assessment.

By the time we were finished with our running around, it was going on 3:00...what happened to that day?!

Thursday we spent the majority of the day preparing an email to send to Isuzu Customer Service...I played secretary typing while Steve dictated.

We did managed to get out for about an hour...we really wanted to check out another RV Park in the area. Pacific Border RV Park is about 20 minutes away and practically on the US/Canada Border crossing. We had a great chat with Vicki about the trials and tribulations of finding suitable RV sites in the lower mainland. So many people are moving into and living in RV's now out of necessity...and of course taking up so many sites as "permanents". That, along with the high cost of land in the area, parks are closing and selling the land...more money in developing residential units. Long story, short...they didn't have any sites that would fit us. The truck being the main problem. It wouldn't fit in the site and they didn't have any other parking areas big enough for it. least we checked it out. We have put our names on a waiting list for September at Peace Arch where we are currently. Fort Camping where we have always stayed are now only allowing 30 days in a calendar year. We would normally stay a month in the spring and a month in the we need to find someplace to stay for a month before we head south for the winter.

Back home, I started preparing dinner...getting what I could get done in advance. Shortly after 4:00 we went out to enjoy happy hour in the sunshine at Ray and Deb's. Another neighbour joined us...Fred lives in his motorhome and is quite a character. At 81, he has led quite the life and was very interesting to chat with.

At 5:00, we headed back over to our place where we continued our visit while I finished making dinner.

As always, we enjoyed a lovely evening with our friends! It would be our last gathering with them for a bit, as we are moving over to Fort Langley tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the great dinner. It was lovely coming home from 3 days away and not have to worry about dinner. Hope you have fun on the island.