Friday, April 21, 2017 (Travel to Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Today was moving day...over to Fort Camping in Fort Langley, our favourite park. With check-out here not until 11:00, we took our time packing up.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for our travel day...which was all of 40 minutes (Steve was exhausted by the time we got there...LOL!)
Back in familiar territory as we drive through Fort Langley...
The Fort Pub is within walking distance from the campground that's on the other side of the bridge!
Crossing the bridge over to the island on the Fraser River....

We pulled into Fort Camping at noon. Today was their opening day for the summer season and although check-in time wasn't until 1:00, luck would have it they started allowing RV's in at noon. Our favourite site (C-1) was ready and waiting for a matter of fact, we were the first ones in the loop. It wasn't long before more RV's started arriving though...84 RV's were scheduled to check in today.

As we were getting leveled off, Merv, the maintenance supervisor, stopped by to welcome us back. We chatted with him for quite awhile, catching up on his winter, before he was called away...and we continued our setup.

Ahhh....back to shorts and flip-flops in the sunshine!
Just before 3:00 Steve dropped me off at Enterprise Car Rental in Langley. I have a couple of appointments in Vancouver tomorrow, so I had rented a compact car for a day. The fellow at the Enterprise counter asked me if I wanted "something nice"...of course I said sure! Well, he gave me a beautiful 2017 Cadillac! To top it off, he said for an extra $10, I could have it for another day, so wouldn't have to return it until Sunday...sweet!
Steve's jaw dropped as I pulled into the parking spot behind our site! The one time, he didn't get added to the rental he couldn't drive it!

After relaxing in the late afternoon sunshine for awhile, it was time to head into town to The Fort Pub for dinner. One of the things we love about Fort Camping is the ability to walk into town. The beach along the river was busy on this beautiful afternoon...

The Fort Pub was's not only a warm sunny day, but also Friday evening! So we had a bit of a wait to get a table...cheers!

We enjoyed a couple of beers and dinner...and walked home. glad to be back!


  1. Love the clouds in the last pic. Welcome back "home"! How nice to have a favorite site and be able to get it again. I'd like having a CG that you can walk to town but still have a nice secluded feeling! Cool car too!

    1. Thanks Debbie. Fort Langley is the coolest little town with lots of funky little shops and restaurants, and hiking and biking trails. If you guys ever make it up this way keep it in mind.

  2. Great to be back in a familiar spot and the weather is nice enough for shorts and sandals! Finally right? Beauty car and looks so cool in black. A coincidence that Steve didn't get listed as a driver?? Perhaps :) Finally pulling the winter cover off our rig today and listing the house tomorrow. Tough market but it only takes one person that likes mowing grass lol. Cheers to you both, from our deck this afternoon! Yayy

    1. That was the only day where it was warm enough for shorts. Suppose to finally get up to 22C in a few days. Good luck with selling your house!

  3. I bet you looked good cruis'in the town in that car!!!