Saturday to Thursday, April 8 to 13, 2017 (Peace Arch RV Park, Surrey, BC)

We had a pretty lazy start to the day nice after three 'over-nighters' and four travel days! Steve decided he wanted to get a haircut, so we headed to Sport Clips, about a ten minute drive south of here. There is a Save-On-Foods grocery store in the same complex, so while he was getting his hair cut, I did a little shopping.

I was waiting in the truck when he finally returned. Now, that's different...he's usually waiting for me but the girl cutting his hair must have been new...she took a very long time to perfect his cut! Next on the agenda...drop the generator off for servicing. We had had it in last fall to have a rattling noise it was making repaired...unfortunately when we got down to Q, the noise was still there and progressively got worse.

Back home, I made a tray of lasagna for dinner and prepared for company this evening. Our son, Chris, and daughter-in-law, Angela, arrived just before 4:00. So good seeing and catching up with them...a great visit!

We had another very slow start to the day Sunday. It was mid morning as I was getting into the shower when Steve knocked on the door...Deb wants to know if I want to go with her for a little shopping. Sure...give me a half hour!

Deb had a couple of things to pick up at Save-On-Foods and then we wandered around some of the other shops in the shopping complex. Always nice to get away for a little "girl" time. Meantime, Steve puttered around back home and enjoyed his own alone I'm sure, Ray did too.

Monday morning we looked forward to good friends (and former co-workers), Doug and Sue to arrive for a visit. They made a trip down to the coast for a quick visit with family and we are so happy that they are finding time to drop by to see us.

They arrived at about 10:30 and we spent the next couple of hours catching up. So great seeing you again...and look forward to spending the summer with you up at Tunkwa Provincial Park. We will be working with them this summer providing some part-time help and giving them some time off.

Monday afternoon, we packed an overnight bag and headed into Chris and Angela's place. We have doctors appointments in the city tomorrow so we are spending the night and then borrowing Chris's car rather than navigate our truck in the city traffic...and try to find parking for it.

Angela cooked us a delicious dinner...thanks so much! And then we spent the rest of the evening chatting and watching TV.

Tuesday morning we woke up to sunshine! Such a nice change from all of the dreary rainy days lately! We dropped Chris off at work and then found our way to North Vancouver...look at all that blue sky! The fresh snow on the mountains is beautiful (the traffic is not)...
Steve had an appointment with a dermatologist about a spot on his forehead (hairline). They will be making an appointment for him with a plastic surgeon to have it idea when, but he was told he should hear within a month.

Our next appointment wasn't until 2:00, so we had a little time to kill. Since Steve needs a new pair of Keen shoes, we thought we'd start the search for a store that carries them. We visited a couple of stores and wandered around a mall...and without any luck, we decided to go for lunch at Boston Pizza.

We arrived early for our first appointment with our new family doctor. Finding a good family doctor is difficult in BC. After having one in Langley for the last few years that made you wait for hours, had a high turnover of office staff that were impossible to contact and did not follow-up on medical tests, we found ourselves desperate for a new doctor. We mentioned our issues to Deb and Ray...who contacted their daughter, a doctor in Nanaimo, BC and she arranged for us to see a good friend of her's that she went through medical school with. He wasn't taking on new patients but agreed to take us. His practice is in Vancouver...not the most convenient location, but we are most grateful to have a new doctor. We were very impressed with him...thanks so very much to the Kyle family!

We left the office after 40 minutes of talking with the doctor...and made another appointment for the next week. A follow-up appointment after the usual lab tests which we will have done first thing tomorrow morning.

We battled the traffic back to Chris and Angela's place, loaded our stuff (thanks for letting me do laundry, Chris and Angela!) into the truck and were soon on our way back to Surrey...only about a 35 minute drive but the traffic was horrendous (mind you, we aren't used to it).

I texted Deb to say we were on our way home...happy hour?...sure! They arrived home about the same time as we did and wanting to take advantage of the late afternoon sunshine, they immediately set up chairs outside where we enjoyed an hour or so basking in the sun and enjoying another visit.
Wednesday Steve and I were up, showered and waiting in line  (in the rain) for the lab to open at 7:30...we had to fast for 10 hours before our blood tests. We were all done and out by 8:10. Next on our agenda was truck insurance but the place didn't open until 8:30...besides, we needed coffee, so we stopped at Tim Horton's for coffee and a muffin. We were home at about 9:00...all our errands done.

We quickly did the dishes up and then I headed over to tag along with Deb as she took care of a bunch of errands for her dad. The ultimate ending to our day together was a pedicure and then lunch out! Thanks for letting me tag along, Deb!

Thursday I was sitting in my chair working on our blog when Steve said "don't you have to leave in 45 minutes and you haven't showered or had breakfast"...what? it's 8:20 already? Yikes! How time flies in the morning! I quickly showered and got ready...even managing to make breakfast for Steve...and was ready at 9:15 when I, again, joined Deb for a shopping trip. She was taking her dad's caregiver out for a Costco, Walmart and Super Store run...and I again, was asked if I wanted to go. Thanks for including me, Deb!

While I was gone, Steve did a drop off at Life Labs, attached his new insurance decal, got out for a walk around the RV park then watched TV. It's been very wet around here!
The news said last month was the 3rd wettest March on record and this month is the wettest April on record, and we're not even half way through the month!
Well, we are all finally caught up! I will likely blog every week or so...depending on what we're doing. Stay tuned...


  1. Great to see you both as well ..but you know that already..we are rolling today..see you next month!!!