Thursday to Sunday, March 9 - 12, 2017 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Thursday we officially started our pack putting the boat back on the truck. It was going to be a warm one we got that done first thing.

Next thing on the agenda was a drive into Roadrunner Market to pick up a few groceries. I have a major shop to do but we want to wait until we get to in the meantime, some fresh veggies at the local market would have to do. Actually, I find Roadrunner to be much better this year...not the place to stock up but a good spot to pick up a few things in between.

The truck has proven, yet again, to make a great sun block...Steve pulled it over this afternoon so that we would have some reprieve from the hot sun. Les and Sue and Brock and Nathalie came over shortly after 4:00 for our last happy hour gathering of RV-Dreamers...our numbers have significantly decreased!

We spent a wonderful few hours chatting and then with the sun long gone, it was time to call it an evening. With big hugs, we said goodbye to Les and Sue...great seeing you again this season and we look forward to next year. Safe travels and enjoy the Grand Canyon this summer!

Nathalie and Brock will be here for another few days...we plan on getting together with them again on Saturday.

Friday morning we were up and outside by 8:00...we wanted to get out and wash the quads before it got too hot.
The high for today is 89F/32C! And it's going to be even hotter over the next few days. We also decided to book into Fortuna de Oro RV Park in Yuma...after checking the forecast there, I think we'll be wanting to run the AC and take in a swim!
Steve finally managed to reach the fellow who stores the poop-mobile...he wanted to see if it would be okay to drop it off tomorrow morning. Turns out, he preferred it to be dropped off today. So after checking with Art, who would be showing Steve to the place, it was time to get the poop-mobile tarped up and ready to be put into storage. Thanks again Earl for letting us use it!
Steve and Art headed off shortly after 1:00...leaving me sitting in the shade reading. While they were gone, I had some visitors. Matt and his wife Nancy stopped by. We met Matt last year when we had quite a group of RV-Dreamers here. Nancy had stayed home to look after her mother, leaving Matt on his own. This year they are staying in Yuma and just drove up so Matt could show Nancy the area. So sorry it took me some time to remember you, Matt...and it was so nice meeting Nancy!

Steve and Art were back within the hour...and we hid in the shade for the rest of the afternoon. Going to miss these beautiful Arizona sunsets!

Saturday morning I was just getting out of bed when I heard Steve go outside. When he came back in, I asked him what he was doing...he said "come see". He managed to capture a picture of the moon just as it was going down...
We had a pretty lazy, exercises, showers, breakfast, dishes...the usual stuff. We were looking forward to this afternoon when Steve and Debbie are passing through on their way back to California. They are fellow RV-Dreamers that we met here last year. We are going to meet at Beer Belly's for a visit. Had things gone as planned for them, they would have been here with their fifth-wheel long ago but with all of the rain California has had this year, they got stuck in Debbie's brother's pasture where they had stopped for a visit...last November! After sitting for so long, they decided to make a road trip to visit Steve's parents in Surprise, AZ...a suburb of Phoenix.

At about 12:30 Steve got a text message from Debbie....they were a half hour away. When we got to Beer Belly's, Brock and Nathalie were already there...and Steve and Debbie arrived a few minutes later. After introducing Brock and Nathalie, we enjoyed the next few hours catching up.
Debbie took a great selfie, getting us all in...Deb, me, Steve, Steve, Nathalie and Brock...
Note the old motorcycle with the sidecar and machine gun. Good luck getting your rig out next week Steve and Debbie!. It was great seeing travels!
It was going on 4:30 when we got home...and proceeded to have our happy hour sitting in the shade...
 ...admiring the flowering creosote bushes. We've never seen them in bloom before...
 ...and the view. We love this spot and the view we have to the east...
 And as we started the day...we end the day with a full moon coming out...
We had another beautiful sunrise Sunday morning.
And the moon to the west...
After his coffee, Steve got cleaned up and was outside by 7:00 to get started on our pack up today...trying to get as much done before it got too hot. I got myself cleaned up and then changed the bedding and got the laundry sorted and ready to head into Q.

Steve dropped me and the laundry off and then went to fill up all of the propane tanks and drinking water containers.
Just over an hour later we were back home...and I got the laundry hung on the line...

...while Steve continued the pack up.

And that was our 3:30 most everything was done and we walked over to say goodbye to Art and Jan. We chatted for almost an hour and then headed back. Great seeing you again this year, Art and Jan! Safe travels home and we'll see you next year.

We sat in the shade with a drink and then with the sun much lower in the sky, Steve got up on the roof and lowered the solar panels and then dusted off the slides.

Our last night in Q....tomorrow we move on.


  1. It certainly looks like it is getting warm there! How cool that you were able to see Steve and Debbie! We missed them this year.

    Good luck in Yuma/Mexico, hope all goes well!

    1. Definitely a temperature change! Looking forward to Yuma and full hook ups!

  2. It was Wonderful catching up with You and Steve yesterday, just before you left the Q, it's such a bummer that we couldn't make it this year to attend all the Happy Hour sessions and campfires! It was nice to meet Natalie and Brock at Beer Bellys! Happy Travels!

    1. It was a great afternoon! Looking forward to spending more time with you next year. Safe travels!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful winter there instead of Peace Arch! We are crossing our fingers that they have had the last gasp of winter before we cross on the 21st.

    1. Temperatures are looking much better up there. Safe travels north...we'll be watching your route with interest. xo