Saturday, Sunday and Monday, March 18, 19 and 20, 2017 (Oasis Palms RV Resort, Thermal, CA)

Well...what can I say about the last three days? It's been very hot...into the 90'sF/30'sC. Which makes one want to stay inside where it is bearable with the AC running...and that's pretty much what we have been doing.

Saturday we got out for a morning walk around the RV park and then worked on getting our blog up to date...some reading and watching TV was also in the cards for that day.

Around 2:30 we decided to put our bathing suits on and head to the pool. We met a lovely older couple and chatted with them while cooling off in the pool. Then we lounged on the, reading and Steve sunning. Unfortunately, we only lasted for about an hour total...the black flies were so bad...

Sunday we got out for a morning walk again before it got too hot. Afterwards, Steve tried sitting outside to read but, again, the flies got the better of him and he came inside.

I decided to work on some updates to our blog...I managed to get a couple more Travel Maps done. So I only have about a year and a half to do until it's all done!

Monday, Steve captured this lovely shot as the sun was coming up on the mountains to the west of us...beautiful...
I took advantage of the laundry facilities and got all of our laundry done. Steve watched TV, did some reading and started mapping out our route and stops back north.

Tomorrow we will be moving on...looking forward to visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Indio! It's going to be an exhausting travel day...LOL!


  1. The travel maps look great, 2016 sure is interesting!

    1. Thanks! It's a tedious job but interesting to look back at all of our travels.

  2. X2 on the header picture!!! Great shot. Happy travels on the way back to "not as warm" Canada :) Another snowmageddon up here Tuesday & Wednesday but temps on the plus side already. The week of "summer" will be here soon hahaha. Drive safe.

    1. Yeah, Steve took a good one with a nice backdrop...gotta love palm trees and blue sky! I saw your recent picture of the snow...yikes! Good thing it's now spring! LOL