Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, February 26, 27 and 28, 2017 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Sunday morning Steve took the poop-mobile over to the water taps to get a tank of fresh water for the trailer (although Earl and Allison have headed home, they left the poop-mobile for us to use until we leave...we'll take it over to the storage place). On his way he ran into Brian...he was working this morning but as soon as he was finished, a group of them are going to the Desert Bar and he invited us to join them. Nice!

Steve finished his chore for today and then puttered around a bit outside. I did the same inside and then we relaxed while we waited for Brian. The job he was doing took longer than he expected but at 1:30 he popped over to say that he was just going home to clean up and we'd be on our way in a half hour. So it was shortly after 2:00 when he and Sue picked us up and we headed off...followed by another car with two more couples...Burt, Monica, John and Val.

The road into the bar has deteriorated significantly since our first trip there...very lumpy and bumpy. But we finally made it...arriving just after 3:30.

 A band was playing...
One thing about going late in the afternoon is that we had no problem getting a table. There had been a steady stream of vehicles leaving as we were on our way in.
We were one of the last groups to leave...closing down the bar (and it's still daylight!).
It was after 7:00 when Brian and Sue dropped us off. Thanks for including us in your outing today, we had a great time!

Although Monday morning started with a beautiful sunrise, the forecasters had been right... wasn't long before thick clouds moved in and the rain started. It was "socked in" all we had an inside day.
We read, watched TV and I even managed to finish a pair of slippers...
It just poured out overnight and into the wee hours of the morning, waking us up a number of times. We've never had such heavy rainfall...or as much in the 6 years here!

However by the time we got up Tuesday morning, the clouds had broken up and bits of blue sky were showing through...and as the day progressed, it continued to clear.

We had a pretty lazy morning and then headed into town. We picked up a parcel from Quiet Times, filled a drinking water container and then drove down Main Street towards the "main event area", parked and walked, checking out what vendors were left....not many this late in the season.

Back home, we sat out in the late afternoon this time, the sky was completely clear. One extreme to the other...such a change from this time yesterday!


  1. Glad you didn't float away! We missed the rain completely, only had thick clouds.

  2. Don't even want to talk about weather after being down there for a few days. A lovely -20 with wind right now, so tired of this! Can't wait to see the desert bar ourselves, next year. Cheers guys, it's back to work for us....exactly 365 days to official retirement Yahhooo.

    1. Whoo hoo! Count down! Those 365 days will go quickly.

  3. Interesting that the road has deteriorated that much since our trip there. I remember commenting at that time what great shape the road was in. Rain perhaps?

  4. Oh boy is my face red!!! At first I thought you made a matching pair of ,,, well,,,, gifts for the Book Store guy and Steve. Certainly glad to hear they are slippers.