Tuesday, November 11, 2014 (Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Peoria, AZ)

Happy Remembrance Day

Today is the day we remember and thank all those that are currently serving and those that have served, for keeping us safe and free...especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

We were up and on our way into Phoenix at 7:15 this morning...taking the truck into Midway Chevrolet to have a routine service, but most of all, to have the exhaust brake squeal fixed. It was only about a half hour drive...and a straight forward drive.

We were greeted by Brian, our service rep, and after the usual paperwork, we went to wait for a shuttle ride to Arrowhead Mall. We thought we would go to Dennys for breakfast but there was a huge line up...it's Veteran's Day and everyone seems to be going out for breakfast. A lot of restaurants are offering free meals to Veterans and current military folks.

We ended up going down the street to IHop...it was almost as busy but we seemed to hit it at the right time. After breakfast we walked across the street and wandered around the mall. We both managed to find new shoes...yay, I finally have a pair of Keens!

We received a phone call from Brian at 12:30...the truck was ready. Unfortunately, it took forever to get picked up by the shuttle. It was almost 2:30 by the time we arrived back at Midway. After paying the bill, we headed off to Costco to do some shopping.

It was after 4:30 by the time we got home. We quickly put our groceries away and then joined Pam and Red outside for happy hour. As it cooled off, Steve got the Campfire-In-A-Can out and Pam and Red shared brats and beans...yum, thanks guys! Another great evening with great friends!

We also had a beautiful sunset...

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  1. sounds like it was a busy day! but it sure ended nicely! very 'pleasant'! :)