Friday, November 14, 2014 (Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, Peoria, AZ)

We woke to more clouds in the sky than usual...but it made for a beautiful sunrise behind Alan/Cec and Rob/Joyce's rigs...

About 10:00 Cec and Alan came over to say goodbye...they are on their way to Yuma today. After hugs and handshakes, they were on their way...we'll definitely see them again sometime this winter season!

Since both our site and Red and Pam's were reserved by other folks today, and we had decided to stay for a couple more nights, we moved out to the $6.00 a night dry camping area. We actually set up beside Rob and Joyce, who are staying for one more night. We were moved and all set up in our new spot by noon...whew, that was a tough travel day!

After lunch, Pam, Steve and I headed out to find the trail up the hillside that Pam and I couldn't find the other day. But first, we found a geocache along the way.

Steve managed to find the trail...I knew he would especially after I put the challenge out to him :) We found this little fishhook cactus beside the rocky trail.
It's a pretty steep trail!
 Come on can do it!
 Actual campground in the distance...
 Our new site with Rob & Joyce, Red & Pam...

Another dry camping area on the hilltop (lower right-hand side of the picture)...

We're almost to the top...we can see the lake now, looking over the other side of the hill...
 We did it!
 Now it was time to head back down...

It's almost harder heading down than up with the steepness of this rocky trail...

Back at the campsite, we found Red working on his truck...  removing his front cowling. He has a new one to install (after a little mishap!)

We relaxed for a couple of hours and then it was time to walk down to the Waterfront the marina. After enjoying a couple of drinks down there, we caught the golf cart shuttle back up the hill...we were dropped off right at our rigs...nice! Steve and Red got the campfire going and Steve put on the barbecue and grilled hot dogs. Everyone contributed to our impromptu dinner...we had hot dogs, chili, chips and soup, along with all the fixin's! Yum! We spent another lovely evening in the company of great friends!


  1. If we weren't leaving Yuma in the morning, we would have liked to meet your friends.

  2. those dry camping spots don't look too bad..the price is right at $6 a night!
    good job on hiking up the hill, you definitely deserved the drinks after the
    'tough travel day'..hope you didn't burn too much diesel!!

  3. Steve was exhausted after the long drive to the Sani dump and back!😉