Thursday, November 6, 2014 (Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, AZ)

We woke to clear skies again today, another beautiful day...nope, we're not getting tired of that! After our usual start to the day, we had breakfast, showered and got ready to go out...Sherry and Jesse were picking us (Pam, Red, Steve and I) up and taking us over for a tour of their house.

They had sold it prior to starting their full time RVing adventure but fortunately were able to buy it back. They are now waiting for modifications to be completed to make it wheel chair accessible before they can move back in...

The community has a beautiful clubhouse with all sorts of activities along with a big pool area...

It's a lovely home in a beautiful area...we wish them well in their move back in on the 14th!

We were dropped off back home and we immediately hopped in the truck and headed in to town to run a few errands. I picked up a few groceries while Steve got a haircut; we fueled up with diesel ($3.40/gallon) at Fry's and were back home just over an hour later.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out inside the trailer with the air-conditioner running. It was pretty hot out there with the sun blazing down on us and we had no shade. Besides, I had a blog to work on.

Just before 5:00, we walked over to Red and Pam's to catch a ride over to Jesse and Sherry's with them. We're all gathering in the clubhouse in the RV park (where they are living while waiting for the renos to be completed on their house) for a potluck dinner.

Ruth, Pam and Red...

Cheers!! Left to right around the table...Pam, Red, Ruth, Dale, Sharon, Bill, Jesse, Sherry and Steve...

We enjoyed another lovely gathering with our RV-Dreams friends. We are leaving tomorrow, so after big hugs, we said goodbye to Sherry and Jesse...thanks so much for all your hospitality! It was wonderful seeing you again and we wish you the very best as you face difficult times ahead.


  1. Always nice to see RV-Dreamers enjoying a good time:o))

    1. You betcha! Looking forward to being able to travel east again and hook up with you two!