Saturday, November 1, 2014 (The Lakes RV Resort, Chowchilla, California)

I woke up numerous times throughout the night hearing the rain...well, of course, Steve had the truck washed Thursday! It's a standing soon as Steve washes the truck, it rains! All California needed to alleviate their drought problem was pay our way here and have Steve wash his truck!

Our plan had been to leave today...we have reservations at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ...about 675 miles from here...on Monday. We were going to give ourselves 3 travel days to get there. But the weather today wasn't great...although it was supposed to improve by late morning. Check out time is noon, so we thought we would just wait a bit and decide whether to hit the road or stay here another night. The rain did stop around 10 a.m. but after reading a weather alert for chance of rain and hail, strong winds for the area from Tehachapi through Barstow, we decided to stay put. It would actually be a good time to get some things done.

I worked on the blog, did some baking and some banking/budget stuff. Steve flushed the black tank, did a little reading and then decided to wash the trailer windows...

Around 2:00, we decided to get out for walk...we haven't been getting much exercise lately. We walked around the RV park. That's the clubhouse with the pool area.

And then went out and down the road...Steve wanted to get some picture of the surrounding area. That's the  RV Park on the left, Golf Course ahead and a big residential community to the right.

This is looking over the fence. This neighborhood is still a work in progress...

Sierra Nevada Mountains are visible today...
Homes on The Lakes...

Once Harry and Vicki found out we were still here, they invited us over for dinner. We headed over to their place at 5:00.

We sat outside chatting over cocktails...
...before heading inside.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner...and more chatting, before we decided it was time to say goodbye (again). So after more hugs and handshakes, we thanked them again for all of there hospitality, and walked back to our place.

We definitely have to leave tomorrow...the weather is supposed to be sunny, so it should be a good travel day.


  1. Hope the wind isn't blowing in northern Arizona as it is here.

  2. Hey guys,
    Thanks for stopping by. We totally enjoyed your visit and renewing our friendship. Here it to a safe trip and enjoyable winter in the desert. Hope to see you in Quartzsite in January, 2015.