Tuesday and Wednesday, September 2 and 3, 2014 (Peter Hope Lake Recreation Site, Quilchena, BC)

The forecast for Tuesday was heavy rain and a possible thunderstorm. The thunderstorm didn't materialize but the rain certainly did...although it started much later in the day than I was expecting. It was a cold, cloudy day!

We had our usual coffee start to the day and then did our exercises. After showers and breakfast, we cleaned up the kitchen and watched TV. I figured we would be hunkered down inside all day but little bits of sun did peak through occasionally and Steve even managed to get out fishing in the early afternoon.

He came in when he saw a "white wall" of rain coming down the lake. It didn't amount to anything so he suggested that we go for a walk...go outside into the cold??? Oh sheesh...fine! So I put on my (new) raincoat and we headed off. There were some dark ugly clouds out there!

Once back from our walk, Steve decided to get a campfire going...it was 3:00. About 15 minutes later, as the fire was catching on well...and we had settled into our chairs in front of it...we started to feel a few rain drops. Hmmmm...is it going to rain or is just teasing us?
Well, the raindrops got a little heavier so I put my chair away and went inside...a few minutes later, Steve joined me....the downpour had begun! And it rained and rained the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.

Wednesday morning was another cold start...it was 9C/48F in the trailer when Steve got up and turned on the furnace. There were still some dark clouds hanging around but some blue sky was on the horizon...it is supposed to clear as the morning progresses.

After breakfast, Steve went outside and hooked up the battery charger to the truck batteries. It's going to take a long time to charge....we're just keeping our fingers crossed that it works. He spent most of the day puttering around packing things up. He put away his fishing gear...no wind today, of course, but he can't go fishing...today is pack up day! We managed to pull up the boat and get all of the gear put away but we can't load the boat back onto the truck because it takes power...and the truck batteries are charging.

We had a nice campfire going most of the day. We had lots of firewood and the clouds were taking their sweet time clearing. So I sat by the fire reading while Steve puttered around. We roasted hot dogs over the campfire for lunch.

Late in the afternoon, we noticed a group of people on the edge of the road looking at something in the tall grass. Well, apparently they had witnessed a garter snake swallow a frog. Unfortunately by the time we found out what was going on, all that was left of the frog was just a slight lump.

We also heard what Steve figures was a flock of Sandhill Cranes...it took awhile to find them way up in the sky but we finally located them. Heading south for the winter, I guess.

And that was pretty much our day. Hopefully, the truck starts up okay tomorrow morning. However, our neighbour two sites down offered to come over with his diesel truck and jump start our truck if needed. Fingers are crossed that all goes well tomorrow and we make it to Fort Langley as planned.

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  1. well we know you made it to Fort Langley! hope you enjoy the visit to the big city!!