Sunday, August 31, 2014 (Peter Hope Lake Recreation Site, Quilchena, BC)

It was a chilly start to the day today...7C/44F....Steve ended up turning on the furnace for a bit just to take the chill off. We had our usual start to the day and then Steve headed out in the boat for a morning of fishing. Other than coming in for a quick pit stop, it was going on towards noon by the time he came in.
He'd had a very successful morning, catching one 16" and two 11 inches.  He took a picture of the biggest one...nice fish! (Catch and release)

While Steve was out fishing, I did some prep work for dinner...cutting some pork chops into cubes and put it into a zip-lock bag with peanut sauce to marinate for the afternoon and then chopping up the veggies for a Greek salad. After all that was taken care of, I cleaned up and then puttered around inside.

It wasn't really that nice out but I finally decided to take my book and sit outside in my chair. Steve was taking care of a few things...dividing the remaining gas between the quads, generator and boat. We should have just enough to last us for a few more days...we leave on Thursday.

Next thing I knew, it was going on 4:00 (these days just fly by!) and Deb and Ray came over. We enjoyed happy hour in a little more sunshine than we had had all day. When it looked like the sun wasn't going to come back out from behind a nasty looking cloud, Steve started the campfire. We dodged the smoke for a bit and then Deb and I headed inside.
Ray kept Steve company outside while he grilled the pork skewers and then we all sat down for our last dinner together for the summer...Ray and Deb are leaving tomorrow. They are going to Merritt for a couple of nights and then out to another lake in the area. They still have another few weeks before they will be back in Fort Langley.

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