Sunday, August 11, 2013 (Travel to Eagle River Campground, Chugach State Park, Anchorage, Alaska)

Well, we woke to rain again this it was a pretty lazy morning as we hunkered down inside.  Steve watch his shows on TV while I read.  Today was the day we had planned to leave but we really don't like driving in rain (let alone, packing up and then setting up in the rain). We kept looking out the window...still raining!  I checked the forecast...rain today and tomorrow...sheesh!

At noon, Steve looked out and said that it was just sprinkling out, do you want to go for it? we were packed up and out of there in 50 minutes.  It wasn't a great travel day with heavy clouds and on again, off again rain...

We made it to Eagle River Campground, just outside of Anchorage at about 3:00.  We were filling up with water when a red jeep was Alan and Cec!  All three couples had just arrived this afternoon.  Now, the funny thing is that we hadn't mentioned our plans...we just seem to be at the same places....we are truly shadowing each other!

This time we managed to get a nice site, rather than stay in the overflow like we did on our way through last time.  We got all set up and decided to go for a walk around the campground.  Alan, Cec, Bob, Sue, Rob and Joyce were all hunkered down inside their really wasn't a very nice evening.

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