Monday, August 9, 2010

We had a slow start to the day...I was frantically trying to get caught up on my travel blogs when Steve got out of bed. I knew that I would not be able to post them (no internet service up here) but I am finding that I must keep my daily journal going or I forget what happened from one day to the next...ahhh...retirement!

As we were having our morning coffee, we were joined by a mommy elk and her baby...great view from our window...they were so close...

Over a late breakfast, we decided that we would go up to the campground office and see what number was posted (remember, we were #7) but we actually didn’t mind the overflow and figured we would just stay here for the next couple of nights. We are planning on leaving Wednesday and taking 2 days to get to Reed Lake in northern Manitoba. That is where we are meeting Steve’s brother, Dave, for a week or so of fishing....Steve can hardly wait! As we were leaving, Steve turned on the windshield wipers to clear rain from the previous night’s downpour...and guess what...they didn’t work! Well, now...that’s just too much of a coincidence that both the air conditioning AND the wipers don’t work after the fellows from Whyte Communications installed the backup cameras. We quickly determined that we would only be spending one more night and heading “somewhere” tomorrow to get the truck fixed.

After a stop at the campground to pay for one more night in the overflow, we went into the Town of Waskesiu. Oh by the way, anyone on the waitlist with the number 6 or below had a site—those with 7 or over would have to come back at 2:30 for the next we hadn’t made the morning “cut”.

Our plan had been to go for a good walk that day but as we started along the beach, it was evident that our thoughts were on figuring out where the nearest GM dealer would be that would service our medium duty truck...not quite as simple as getting a pickup truck serviced. So back to the truck we go to get the GM Customer Service phone number. We have no cell service or internet service up here in the great white north of Saskatchewan so we found a pay phone nearby (luckily, there seem to be a lot of those around). Steve spent an agonizing hour talking to the Customer Service Rep, Marg, before she was able to find a dealer that could service our the way, Marg was very nice, she made phone inquiries for us since we were on a payphone. Unfortunately, we could not find a dealer in Prince Albert so that meant it was going to have to be Saskatoon...which, of course, was almost 3 hours south and not the direction we were heading. Oh well, we will leave for Saskatoon first thing in the morning.

We spent what was left of the afternoon walking around Waskesiu. It really is a very pretty little place.

When we returned to the overflow campground, everyone was gone except one 5th wheel by us (and they left later that evening) plus a motorhome that was tucked up at the other end all by itself. It was a very peaceful place and we quite enjoyed it...well...except for those darned mosquitoes! They got me again! I was all covered with the bug spray so I either missed a spot or they didn’t care but at the top of my back just above my t-shirt, I was covered with these big itchy welts! Not pleasant! Our motorhome neighbours came by for a chat and noticed my obvious discomfort and suggested I take an antihistamine. Well, of into the trailer I go and rummage through the medicine cabinet...success! I found a box of Reactine that had 2 tablets left. I took one and it worked wonders—don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that earlier. I must make sure I get more at our next stop!

Since we wanted to be on the road early in the morning, we packed up the living room and basically got everything done that we could so that it would just be a matter of hooking up in the morning. We showered and then headed to bed to watch another couple of episodes of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ that we had downloaded.

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