Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We had an appointment at WCI Whyte Communications at 8:00 a.m. to have 2 back-up cameras installed on the truck. That meant we had to be up and out by 7:15. The GPS said it would take 23 minutes but we wanted to give ourselves a little extra time. We were there at 7:45 and met Brock, the fellow Steve had been dealing with. After discussing the placement of the cameras, the truck went into the shop and work began. It was going to take most of the day so Uncle Gord had offered to pick us up and take us to a Shopping Mall not too far away...that offer led to Steve suggesting that we all go out for breakfast, so Gordon and Esther picked us up just after 9 a.m. While waiting, I happened to notice that right next door there was a company who sold and installed satellite dishes. Wow, how lucky is that? Just what we needed...we’ll pop in there later this afternoon for a chat.

Gordon and Esther took us to a popular restaurant called Barb and Ernie’s, where we all ate a humongous breakfast....ok...that was breakfast, lunch and quite possibly dinner! There is quite a story about the couple and their lives after emigrating from Germany.

Gordon and Esther were going on a canoe trip down the Saskatchewan River that afternoon. They had to be at the meeting location at 11:30, so they dropped us off at Southgate Mall and were off on their adventure. We had our own adventure wandering around the mall. It was a huge mall but wandering around a mall isn’t exactly Steve’s most favourite thing, so after exploring the Dollar Giant, we found a Rogers Store and we got a new smartphone. I had intended on just getting a basic cell phone but with the plan options available, it was only going to be $5 more for the smartphone, so that’s what we went with. I now have access to my gmail, facebook, internet searches, a camera, tons of apps....and we can actually talk to people as well! Our phone number remains unchanged...yay!

After all of the inactivity of late, we decided to walk back to Whyte Communications. It took us about 35 minutes and it felt great having a good walk! Steve immediately went to the company next door, Innovative Satellite & Home Theatre, to discuss satellite systems. We would be bringing the 5th wheel in tomorrow to have the backup cameras installed, so they would be able to have a look at what they could do as far as installation. It looked like we will soon have Shaw Direct with an HDPVR as well.

Back at Whyte Communications, installation of the cameras on the truck was taking longer than expected. It was after 6 p.m. by the time we were on our way home. We would be back tomorrow with the 5th wheel...that should be interesting!

Once home, we had a quick dinner. The mosquitoes make it very uncomfortable to sit outside, so we stayed in—Steve watching TV and me on the laptop (as usual). We had another early morning tomorrow so it was as early night.

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