Friday to Sunday, June 7 to 9, 2019 (Thunderbird RV Park, Campbell River, BC)

Friday again! Wow, our first week here has just flown by! Only 3 more left! Today was a sunny day for the most part but there were still lots of clouds hanging around.

We both spent the morning taking care of some chores...I did a couple loads of laundry. It's rather expensive here...$3.25 for washer and $4.00 for the dryer (56 minutes whether you need that long or not). While I was busy with that, Steve re-sealed the caulking on the bedroom slide that he had done when we were in Quartzsite. I guess he didn't get all the old silicone off and some of the Proflex sealant was lifting...
After those chores were done, we went for a bike ride. Our main purposes for the bike ride (other than our daily exercise) was to go pick up a parcel at the Canada Post outlet at Shopper's Drug Mart. We decided to ride to the end of the spit first...and then we continued into town.

Once home, we had a bite to eat and then Steve sat outside to read and I posted a blog before  going out to join him. Unfortunately, the wind had come up and it was a little chilly...even if the sun was shining. So we retreated inside, out of the wind.

At 3:30 we hopped on our bikes again and rode to the Rip Tide Marine Pub for a couple of beer...Ray joined us on his bike.
We enjoyed a couple of hours at a waterfront table on their patio...awesome!

Saturday was sunny for the most part but there were still lots of clouds hanging around. After our usual start to the day, we did a little cleaning...Steve washed the outside of the windows while I did the inside.

With that done, it was time to get out for our daily we hopped on the bikes and rode our usual route. We stopped at the end of the spit to enjoy the view...
...and watch a float plane take off...

Back home, I sat at the dining table with the laptop and took care of a few things and then decided to take my knitting outside. Unfortunately, that didn't last long...the wind had come up and although the sun was shining, it was cool. So I retreated inside and joined Steve.

The forecast for Sunday (June 9) was rain...but not until later this morning, so we decided to get some shopping done. I had accumulated a long list of the basics that we were running low on, so we headed off to Walmart. After stocking up there, my plan was to ride my bike and finish my shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore and Steve would pick up the groceries, but once finished at Walmart, it had started to sprinkle out, so we decided to leave that until another time.

We had the groceries unloaded just in time...before it started raining harder. We didn't have a major was just one of those afternoons where it rained lightly off and on. But it did give Steve a chance to walk down to the oceanfront and capture some pictures of the eagles. As he walked down he startled a couple of juvenile Eagles...
This one flew off to join the others...

I counted 8 here...2 adults and the rest were juveniles...
This guy stayed on the beach and didn't seem to concerned...
2 more out on a float...
Lots of Canada Geese and another Eagle in the distance...
These two were quite acrobatic at times...

Steve saw a total of 13 Eagles along the oceanfront. Ray has seen a total of 32 all a once!

So most  of the afternoon ended up being an inside day. I did some baking while Steve relaxed in front of the TV watching his shows. There has been a lot of helicopter activity...with water buckets, so we checked online to find that there was a wildfire burning on an Read Island just on the other side of Quadra Island (the island that is just across the strait from us). While riding our bikes the other day Steve smelt smoke and thought somebody was having a beach fire, then noticed smoke behind Quadra Island. Once we got back he saw 5 Air Tractor Water Bombers fly over heading in the direction of the smoke. This helicopter has counter rotating blades, they each spin in the opposite direction. He was the only copter to return to base for fuel with a full bucket and would dump it before landing. Steve thinks this was to keep the bucket lower as he flew back...

This is what it looks like (picture from the internet)...Image result for dual blade helicopter
By late afternoon, the rain had pretty much stopped but it was still pretty cool out. We had a video call with Chris and Angela...and Issac. It is Angela's birthday tomorrow and we wanted to wish her an early Happy Birthday. We enjoyed some big smiles from Issac...such a cutie!


  1. Glad you are able to get out on your bikes. Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow. :)

    1. Should be’ll like your waterfront views with all the marine traffic and cruise ships passing by?

  2. Awesome eagle pictures! Those had to be fun to see.

    1. There are so many here they’re like pigeons...LOL!

  3. Wow, those are some great eagle photos, Steve and Dianne!

    1. Thanks...they are such a majestic bird and fun to watch.

  4. Good keeping up with the caulking! The Eagle shots were amazing g as well as the lake. I guess it’s fire season again. :-(