Thursday and Friday, June 28 and 29, 2018 (Travel to Arrowhead RV Park, Winnipeg, MB)

Once we were all packed, hitched and ready to go, we walked next door to say goodbye to Dave and Kerry. It was absolutely fabulous spending the last two weeks with you...we had a blast! Thanks for all your hospitality! After big hugs we were was 10:00.

We headed east on  hwy 39 for about 100 kms and then turned south on hwy 6. The ditches in some areas are sure full of water...more like creeks and the beavers have dammed some of them...

 Saskatchewan River...
In Grand Rapids we managed to find a station that we could get into and filled up with diesel. It's sometimes difficult finding stations while we are towing that we can get into...we usually look for truck stops but have only seen card lock stations.

We pulled into Devils Lake rest area at 3:00. Dave had recommended this spot to us to overnight...lots of room to find a spot. By the looks of it, this used to be a well maintained rest area but has been neglected...I guess the Manitoba government didn't want to pay to maintain it any longer. Too bad as it is still well used and obviously a popular spot to stop and stretch your legs. I understand there used to be restrooms but they have long disappeared. A decision we can't understand because it forces folks needing a biffie to go in the bushes...not a big deal for guys but not great for gals. Privacy to drop your drawers lacking...not to mention the toilet paper strewn about.
It was quite windy when we arrived and the horseflies kept us inside ...
We were pleasantly surprised to find we had a cell/internet signal...hallelujah! It's been two weeks without any real you can imagine what Steve and I did for the next few hours!

Steve captured these sunset pictures...spectacular!

We had a quiet, restful night....which surprised us because it was a very busy stop for folks yesterday afternoon and evening. We were the only RV and about a hundred yards away there were 3 semis.

After enjoying our morning coffee and using our devices (Steve on his iPad and me on the laptop)...lots to catch up on...we got cleaned up, had breakfast and hit the road again. That had been a nice little stop!

The last leg of our trip to Winnipeg was uneventful. A few pictures I took along the way...

I believe it was in Ashern that we stopped at another watercraft inspection. This was the fourth one since we left BC...

Crop dusters...

We're getting close to Winnipeg now...lots of canola fields...
The Red River....

We pulled into Arrowhead RV Park, just south of Winnipeg at 3:00. There aren't a lot of choices if you want to be close to the city...and as it turned out, this spot was still a fair distance. It's a small, pricey park at $47 for a 50 amp full hook up pull through site and that does not include WiFi...that's an extra $3/day for one device or $5 for two. Now, I say pricey based on our experiences out we travel east, we may find it is reasonably priced?
We were greeted by a friendly young lady in the office, who also led us to our site (#7) in a row of pull-throughs. It is basically a big gravel lot. The reviews defend the limestone lot as having better drainage with the rain and fewer mosquitoes...something Winnipeg apparently have lots of in the summer (no grass = no mosquitoes)....okay, makes sense but it's still not very attractive. Oh well, we are here to take advantage of hook ups and get cleaned up after 17 days of boondocking. 


  1. I can just imagine your laundry lol and dust and squished bugs .... enjoy. lol Hope your next leg of your journey is "bug-free". I hate those deer flies. We don't seem to have mosquitos here but do have gnats that bite.

  2. Loved the Sunset but even the scenery was beautiful.
    We have been to many of those Stone Topped RV Parks but still like some landscaping.
    When you become used to Boondocking it becomes second nature to you. Enjoy the Hookups.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The sunset was pretty spectacular! Landscaping is nice especially when paying and not boondocking.