Friday, June 22 to Wednesday, June 27, 2018 (Reed Lake Campground, Grass River Provincial Park, MB)

We woke to rain Friday morning and it basically rained off and on all day...quite a change from the weather we had been having, but it was actually a nice change.

Steve and I got out for a walk. We went down to the boat launch...the lake is very blustery today...and then walked out to the highway. These are the 2 signs at the entrance to park..
There is also a private fishing lodge...
Other than our walk, it was pretty much a lazy day. I crocheted and we watched some pvr'd TV shows.

Dave and Kerry came over and we played Rummikub until Kerry’s family arrived from Winnipeg. Her mom (Lillian), dad (Don) and 2 nephews (Davin and Justice) have come up for a few days of fishing.

We joined them for happy hour and as the rain started, we headed home for a quiet evening of TV.

It rained most of the night and we woke Saturday to another cool damp day. We did managed to get out for another walk down to the boat launch...lots of white caps on the water.

Back home, Steve work on editing pictures and watched TV while I baked some mini-muffins and crocheted.

By late afternoon, the sun started to peek through and it warmed up outside. We went over to visit Dave, Kerry and their company. We had been invited over for dinner again, so Lillian and I helped Kerry with preparations inside...then it was time to grill steak. Another delicious meal!

After dinner, Dave checked the lake and decided that the wind had died down enough to take the boat out Dave, Steve, Davin and Justice headed out.

I'd say they had a lot of fun! Davin's catch...

 Davin's doing well!

 Finally a fish for Justice...
 One of Steve's biggest catches, but for some reason his phone camera over exposed this shot...
The gulls were busy feeding again all around us. Dave even got pooped on!
 It's so nice when the Walleye pose perfectly with their fins erect...
 Another beautiful evening...
Dave finishes off the evening fish with a real beauty!
I woke in the wee hours of Sunday morning to the sound of beep, beep beep...why does the fridge always run out of propane in the middle of the night? And why does Steve never hear it...even though he is closer to it than I am?
(I only hear smoke and CO2 alarms, fridge alarms in the wee hours are your department...Steve :)

We had a couple of days off from fishing so Kerry's family could get out.

We actually had some blue sky today! Steve and I got out for a good long walk and then decided it was too buggy to sit outside. So we sat inside watching some TV and I crocheted...a pretty relaxing afternoon.

Late afternoon, we walked next door and joined them for happy hour. We had a nice visit, went home for dinner and then after a walk around the campground, stopped for another quick visit before heading home to bed.

Monday it was hot and humid...and the horseflies and mosquitoes were terrible! We spent most of the day inside. I was crocheting again...trying to get a couple of potholders finished for Kerry.

Dave, Steve, Davin and Justice went out fishing in the afternoon...and caught nothing! Too rough and windy.

This is the Grass River Lodge next door...
Tuesday morning...and we were up early after a tough night. It had been too hot!

Kerry's family were leaving this morning, so at 9:00 we wandered over to say goodbye. It was really great meeting Don and Lillian, along with Davin and Justice. They had a long 8 hour drive ahead of them back down to Winnipeg.
It was another hot and humid day. Dave took Steve and I out fishing (Kerry wasn't feeling that great today)...and we got skunked! Geez looks like fishing is starting to drop off!

A flock of :Pelicans fly by while another waits nearby for a handout...
 The Pelican followed every move the Gull made, swimming back and forth and around us eventually getting quite close...
 Another Pelican joined in...
Strange cloud formation...
 A storm is expected surprise after all the hot humid weather over the last couple of days. We had a little rain and some wind but it didn't really amount to anything spectacular.

Another one of Kerry's talents is cutting hair....nails, hair, baiting my hook, netting my fish...who could ask for a better personal assistant! LOL

Steve went first...
And then it was my turn...we had to move under the tent because it had started to rain out...Cheers!
We had Dave and Kerry over to our place for dinner tonight...for a change! Chili, salad...and then a little TV afterwards, America's Got Talent... a good evening!

Wednesday...and our last day here. Dave took Steve and I out fishing...our plan is to catch enough Walleye for a final fish fry.

It was very windy and rough on the lake. We tried different spots that were more protected from the wind but weren't having much luck in catching Walleye small enough to keep.

So we moved on. At times the wind really picked up even though we were mostly protected behind an island. The electric motor was getting a real workout but kept us on our spot.
 We caught a number of Walleye...but only 3 were small enough to keep. Not enough for dinner.

I think this was my 26 incher...
We were back in by 2:00. After showers and a bite to eat, Steve went up on the roof to blow off all the debris in preparation for leaving tomorrow. I can't do much pre-packing inside but I did put all of our pictures away.
Still wanting to get a couple more Walleye for dinner, we headed out late afternoon. It was still breezy out but not as bad as it had been earlier. There were 5 guide boats from the lodge nearby but they all soon headed back for dinner...

We managed to catch another couple of  "keepers"...yay, we have enough for dinner! Needless to say, we had a rather late dinner that night. No big deal, though...the sun goes down so late.
This is the coating Dave dips his fillets into before frying. One of his American friends brings it up for him. Apparently it does a great job. As usual, Kerry seasoned and pan-fried ours.

The end to another great day...another week...and now our stay here. We have thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of weeks. Dave and Kerry are great hosts and wonderful fishing guides...thanks so much...we had an awesome time!


  1. What a great week! Lots of sun, fishing and visiting friends. Good to see you holding you own fish for the pictures!

    1. My brother and future sister in-law sure know how to show you a good time! Dianne was squeamish holding the fish in the beginning but soon got over it. Still wouldn’t bait her own hook though. 🤔

  2. Most places that I've fished there is a minimum size that you keep when fishing not a maximum. Either way whether eating or just for sport it looks like you had a lot of fun with good friends as your guides.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We had a blast and really enjoyed the Walleye meals.