Wednesday to Sunday, February 14 to 18, 2018 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

After two days of quad riding, it was time for a little "RnR" today. Around 8:30 Steve headed off with Red to a meeting at their RC airplane club...Quartzsite Desert Flyers, leaving me to get cleaned up, do dishes and just have some alone time.

Before the meeting ended there was a draw for 9 different planes. Steve missed by one number and three guys won twice! The RC Clubhouse is privately owned and is like a museum in itself. The owner, Jim, has a large workshop that is open to all members if they wish to use the equipment and work on their planes.

Jim was only too happy to give Red and Steve a tour of the upstairs area containing many more airplane parts and complete kits, probably more stock than a hobby store!

I was sitting at the table on the laptop a few hours later when Steve and Red returned. They had picked up some parcels at Quiet Times on their way, it was just like Christmas! LOL! Another new RC plane...this one a small electric glider...some plane accessories, and new shoes for Steve; a yarn organizer for me.

Later that afternoon, Steve took his new toy over to Red's "shop" and they built Steve's new glider. I walked over to join Pam for a glass of wine. Being small and hand launched Steve can fly this one in more places than the Apprentice to keep in practice.
Just before 5:00 we said goodbye to Red and Pam and headed home to get ready to go over to Steve and Sue's. They are leaving tomorrow and have invited us over for dinner.
 We had a great visit...
 And a wonderful steak dinner...
Thanks very much, guys! It was wonderful re-connecting with you, Steve and meeting Sue...we'll definitely have to get together again when we visit Vancouver Island!

When Steve stepped outside of their motorhome, he was so surprised to find Dominic laying on the mat. Red and Pam's Golden is a very old boy and never wanders far away from home...well, I guess he decided to visit his "Auntie and Uncle" and when we weren't home, managed to track us down! was likely the aroma of grilled steak that brought him this way. Anyway, there was quite search party out in the dark looking for him. We soon noticed flashlights all over the place...Jim, Barb, Vicki, Harry, Pam and Red were all out looking for him. Red came in the rhino and soon Dominic was lifted up into the back and taken home...totally oblivious to the commotion he caused. Because of the Coyotes you have to watch your pets around these parts.

Thursday morning, Pam made breakfast for Red, Harry and Steve...and then they headed off to Yuma. Why?...well, Red figured a trip to the hobby shop was required! Poor Jim is still very sick and unable to join in the "guys get-away". While on the road Harry was checking for directions to the hobby store and discovered their hours were 1:00 to 7:00! Well this meant they had lots of time to kill so they decided to check out Mittry Lake near the Imperial Dam area. As they were heading that way along highway 95 next to the Yuma Proving Grounds, they noticed a
C-130 Hercules plane had just dropped something with a parachute then circled around. It eventually came up behind them following the highway eventually passing over them at about 150 feet...very cool!

They turned on to E Imperial Dam Road then on to the dirt road to Mittry Lake which was rough and not something we would take our rig in on. Here are a few pictures that Steve took.
Mittry Lake...the camping areas seemed pretty much filled up.
They continued towards Yuma onto Laguna Dam Rd which was much better and soon became paved. This would be the better way to come in with an RV. Soon they were in the agriculture area...
With still lots of time to kill they did a little shopping at Best Buy then had lunch at Prison Hill Brewery...
With still more time to kill they walked across the street to Lutes Casino for a beer. This was a happening place, packed like Silly Al's in Quartzsite!
After a quick beer they finally made it to the hobby shop that surprisingly didn't have the screw driver set Steve needed for his planes, so they continued on to Harbor Freight where he got what he needed.

Meanwhile, the "girls" also had a day Quartzsite! Barb picked Pam and I up at 10:15 and we headed off to check out a few Thrift Stores and other shops in town. Vicki was working today but met us at 12:30 for lunch. We had a great day out...returning home at 2:30, about 45 minutes before the guys got home.

As usual, Harry, Vicki, Red and Pam joined us for a drink outside under our awning...still missing Jim and Barb, though. This flu/cold has really hit him hard...and Barb is having to "nurse him" back to health. Ken, the last fellow here from our ATV club, popped by for a visit and to say goodbye...he is heading off tomorrow too. Good meeting you Ken, safe travels home.

Friday was a pretty low-key day. Steve "pumped and dumped" the trailer while I took care of a few things on the laptop. Steve finally decided to tackle the pictures taken over the two days of quad that kept him busy.

Saturday morning Red and Steve headed out in the rhino with their planes. They had found a big open spot out back in the desert behind us that would work as their own private RC airfield. Of course, Steve was anxious to try out his new glider. Red's is on the left and Steve's is the little one.
Steve gave his camera to Red to get some photos of him flying... Here it looks like he's saying to his little plane..."No funny stuff, I want you back in one piece!" LOL!
And hes off! Steve had 7 successful flights that day and the only damage was a broken Styrofoam nose cone. Being so small with only a rudder and elevators this little guy is more susceptible to wind but did well in the slight on and off breeze...a blast to fly!
Next up was Red and his glider. Being larger, with all control surfaces, ailerons and flaps it's a beauty to fly, especially in a breeze...

Time for plane #2. This is the one Red had problems with the other day that crashed. Nothing a little glue couldn't fix. He managed to get the bugs worked out and got it back in one piece...

Steve and Red made several trips back and forth...recharging batteries and having lunch. Pam and I eventually walked over to see the show...

Plane #3...
Look out for that bush!!!!!

Coming in for a landing...
No crashes today!
This Roadrunner also came through camp today...we usually see one or two almost daily but Steve managed to get pictures this time...
Meep, Meep, I'm outa here!
At 4:00 everyone started gathering at our place. Harry and Vicki were cooking dinner for us all tonight. Harry had brought over his grill, table and chairs earlier this morning. Mike and Dawne, friends of Red and Pam's, had returned this afternoon and also joined us. Jim even decided to sneak out and join us...we put his chair "out of germ range" LOL! It was good finally seeing him again after being couped up sick all week! Thanks for the picture, Jim...
We started with happy hour (complete with dip and crackers from Pam) in front of our place, under the awning/sun screen and then moved around back as Steve got the campfire going. At 6:00, the Tri-tip that Harry had grilled was ready, he cut them up, I brought out the roasted potatoes, Vicki took the lid off of her broccoli salad and Barb uncovered her devilled eggs...and we all dug into a delicious feast! Thanks Harry and Vicki for the dinner party!
Vicki, Red, Pam, Dawne, Mike, Harry, Steve, Barb and Jim...
We had a beautiful sunset from all directions tonight...this is looking east...
and south....
After dinner, we had delicious Tandy Cake that Vicki made and brownies from Barb. Barb also made some very delicious "pudding shots"...chocolate pudding, Kahlua, Vodka, cool whip (anything else, Barb??). They were very, very yummy! "Please can I have one?" LOL....
Yet another fabulous night with great friends here on the desert!
Well, the weather forecasters were right...Sunday came with some very strong winds (interesting how they call it "breezy" when winds were forecast to gust to 40 mph!). Steve and I got the flag, awning and sunshade down just before the "breeze" started.

At 10:00 Barb picked me and our dirty laundry up and we headed into Main Street Laundry. We spent the next couple of hours doing our most favourite thing...but it had to be done. Back home, we both tried to hang a few things on the outside clothesline but they were flapping so hard in the wind that they dried in no time and I quickly took them off.

Needless to say it was an "inside" day...Steve watching "his shows" for most of the day. Once I had everything put away, I worked on a blog update and did a little knitting...spending most of my time unravelling a knotted ball of yarn.

At 4:30 we braved the wind and walked down to Mike and Dawne's who were hosting happy hour and chicken chili dinner at their place.

Red, Steve, Harry and Mike...sitting in the wind on the back deck of the toy hauler.
 Pam and Dawne...we got to sit inside out of the wind...
 Vicki and Pam...
Another evening of good friends and food!

And that brings us up-to-date...we only have one more week here in Q. Amazing how fast our time here is going!


  1. I now see what we missed this week, everyone was having fun but me. Steve must have "glider envy" when comparing his to Red's!

    1. Ha, Ha! Welcome back funny man, somebody's feeling better!

  2. Wow, that is some museum......I mean Clubhouse. An RC'ers dream to spend a few hours, or days, in there. Happy to hear the glider flights were successful. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.
    I see some hikes in your future with all those HH's and fine dinners out in the desert.
    We miss it!

    1. Pretty impressive clubhouse, for sure! You got that right...I've been neglecting my desert walks lately!

  3. I've heard people say that retirement gets boring...I'll direct them to your blog. Man you guys have been busy the last week or so! Will the quad box on Buster be an airplane shop too? Building the plane count slow but sure :) Take your time coming back north..see the snow on the island yesterday?? C'mon we want out of this stuff, Cheers

    1. Actually we've been busy since we got here in early January! Not sure where I'm going to store the bigger plane, might need a bigger truck! 😜 It's cold everywhere. As I write this it's 0C/32F outside!