Monday to Saturday, February 19 to 24, 2018 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Monday was another windy day with cooler temperatures. We hunkered down inside and worked on the blog...and managed to get it all up-to-date.

The wind was really whipping up the dust...that's Jim and Barb's fifth-wheel...
Just before 2:00 Steve loaded the propane tank into the truck and we headed into town to run a few errands. Our first stop was at Quiet Times to pick up yet another parcel. This time was from Dometic...replacement "garnishes" for the two Fantastic Fans...both have cracked and Steve wanted to replace them.

Next was Herb's Hardware so Steve could get replacement bolt nuts that keep coming loose and disappearing from the boatloader...something that drives Steve crazy since he is constantly checking them to ensure they are okay.

After stopping for drinking water and then propane, we were on our way to the Grubstake to meet folks that follow our blog. Kevin and Barbara are from Montana, have commented on our blog numerous times...and happen to be in the Quartzsite area. We arranged to meet for a beer...great to meet you both! It's always wonderful to "put a face to a name!"
We were back home just before 5...and had just sat down when a note came through on Messenger from Dawne inviting everyone over for a drink. After just a short stay, they are leaving tomorrow. Left to right...Mike, Harry, Steve, Red and Jim...
 Pam, Dawne and Vicki...oh, and Brodie (another old boy)...
We had a cold start to the day Tuesday...although the temperature didn't get as low as forecast. It was 39F/4C when we got up but dropped to 35F/2C as the sun came up. We had clear blue sky, making it a gorgeous, albeit, cooler day than we have been used to...yes, the winds have brought a cold front through.

We were getting a little low on some of the staples and not wanting to do a major shop until we get to Yuma, I tagged along with Pam into Quartzsite. While she did her laundry, I went across the street to the Roadrunner Market and picked up a few things and then walked down to the Dollar General for a couple of other things I was looking for.

While I was gone, Steve replaced the garnishes on the the Fantastic Fans...he had just finished when I got home.
The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy. I laid down on the couch and read...and shut my eyes for a bit. Steve also relaxed in his recliner reading. Not a particularly nice day to be outside due to the wind and cool temps.

Just after 3:00, I put together a tray of lasagne for dinner. We have invited Jim over since Barb is away for a few days. I was finishing up when Steve suggested we give sitting outside a try. The wind had died down a bit and against the trailer, under the awning, we were somewhat was really not too bad at all.

Eventually, Jim strolled over to join us...followed by Harry, Vicki, Pam and Red...and we enjoyed another happy hour. We are certainly enjoying our time with friends here...after all, we only get to connect once a year.

Wednesday morning Steve went with Red over to the small RC airfield by Rainbow Acres and "played" with their airplanes for a few hours.

While he was gone, I finished cleaning up and then did some baking. I was doing a little banking on the laptop when he got home.

Steve wasn't sure if we'd have enough room in our grey water tanks to make it to Sunday, when we leave. So decided to pump them and fill the fresh water tank.. Once he was done that, he disassembled and put away all of the sewer connections in preparation for leaving on Sunday.

I spent my afternoon doing a bit of reading and a bit of knitting, sitting outside against the trailer where there was plenty of sunshine, but little wind...yes, it was starting to get a little breezy. I even managed to get out for a walk.

Just before 4:30, we loaded our chairs onto our quads and rode over to Chloe and Dale's place. They had arrived late Monday afternoon and had invited us, along with Red, Pam, Harry, Vicki and Jim (Barb is still away), over for dinner.

Dale had Pork Shoulder Roasts on his smoker all day...he also had Peach Cobbler cooking in the Dutch Oven (beside him)...
Dinner time!...and what a feast it was! So much was delicious!
Ah, tummies are full...
Thursday was another cool blustery day...actually the forecast is for strong winds for the next 2 days...sheesh! We want our warm, cloudless, calm days back! It was actually fairly calm first thing in the morning but by the time Steve was ready to go out and fly his glider, the "breeze" had come up again.

It was a pretty lazy morning...neither one of us did much. Our only plans for today were to meet Art and Jan for lunch at Silly Al's. They picked up the "poop-mobile" from storage before we got here and are going to take it back just before they leave...that's not for another month, so it saves us money on the the storage fee. We wanted to thank them, so invited them out for lunch today. We spent a great hour and a half visiting and sharing one of Silly Al's "famous" pizzas...
After lunch, we made a stop of Herb's Hardware. Steve finally remembered to take measurements of our cupboards that face the south...and sunshine...and get very warm inside. Not so great if you store food in them. So we picked up some foil insulation to line them, something we have been meaning to do since we got here (and something we should have done six years ago when we first started coming here...we always line the fifth-wheel east-west to maximize solar, and that side of the trailer is usually facing south).

On our way home, Steve suggested that we stop at Beer Belly's Adult Daycare for one final visit since we are leaving Sunday. The funny thing is that once sitting there enjoying our last beer there, we realized that we will be back in the area the week after our Yuma visit. Oh well...who knows if we'll get a chance to go there while attending the RV-Dreams Boondocking Rally.

Once home, Steve got right to the job of lining the cupboards...a quick and easy job. I emptied the cupboards, he measured them, cut the foil insulation to size, fit it in...and I put the stuff back in. It was also a good chance for me to wash down the inside of them!

Just before 4:00, Pam messaged me asking if it was warm enough for wine outside...we decided it wasn't, so we all went over to their place for our nightly cocktail and visit. Gonna miss everyone once we all head in our separate directions!

Friday...another cool, windy day...sheesh, again! The high is only 59F/15C (I know...friends and family up north are feeling really sorry for us LOL). They've been unusually colder than normal and getting snow again and we seem to be on the outer edge of that cold front.The forecast for tomorrow, though, is a tad warmer, sunny...and no wind...that will make a big difference!

Steve waited for it to warm up a bit outside and then got to work on chores for today...time to spray the quads down to get rid of the dust! We also dried them off with rags...preventing water spotting and the wet dust drying!
After I dried mine off, I spent my time inside, working on a blog update. Steve finished up his quad, emptied the rest of the fresh water from the poop-mobile into the trailer. Then he prepared the poop-mobile for storage by spraying it down and adding bleach to each barrel. He came in just before 1:30...for a break (and to warm up!)

A little while later, he was back outside...time to check and pump up both the trailer and truck tires. While he continued his work outside, I stayed inside...55F/13C with strong winds was just too chilly for me!

Mid afternoon Steve decided to take all three propane tanks into town and have them topped up. He figured that one must be close to empty and decided to take the others as well so all are full when we leave here. I decided to go along with him for the ride...just to get out of the trailer for bit.

At 4:00 Steve thought he'd go out and get a campfire going...seemed that the wind had died down a bit. Red, Pam and Vicki joined us around the fire...but that wind increased again and it just wasn't pleasant out there. So it was short lived...we all said "see ya tomorrow" and headed inside.

Saturday...and our last day here! We've been here just shy of 8 weeks and they have just flown by! Although Steve started packing up some stuff yesterday, today is our major pack up day.

While I was finishing the dishes, Steve was outside preparing the truck for the quads. Before he could load them up though, he had to "wrap" up the poop-mobile with a tarp and get it all ready for storage. We towed it down to Art and Jan's place and dropped it off...and after a quick visit, said our goodbyes. Thanks, guys...have a safe trip home and we'll see you next year!

The rest of the morning was spent packing up in preparation for our departure tomorrow.
There's lots of unloading to do just to get the quads in then lots of reloading under, on top, and around them...
Now to get out...
Solar panels coming down...
By early afternoon, all was done, that could be done today.
I sat outside in the sunshine with my knitting and Steve decided to fly his small glider. His flight today wasn't as successful...he took it up high to glide but the wind came up taking it further away. He could no longer tell what direction it was going as he started to loose sight of it and ended up deliberately crashing it before it hit an RV. Off go he and Jim, Daisy and search of the downed plane. They returned with a slightly dented wing, but no major damage...thank goodness!

Next on the agenda was programming the new tire pressure monitor. Jim had also picked up a new TST colour monitor at the RV Show and had already programmed his so Steve took the easy road by asking Jim to do ours. Although the actual programming didn't take that long, the monitor kept going out on alarm because of a low battery in one of the sensors, so he replaced the battery and put everything away. Then another sensor started alarming so he had to bring everything back out and hunt down another battery.

Just before 4:00, Steve prepared the campfire for tonight and we started getting ready for our (as Harry called it...) "Shindig". With our barbecue and table set up...along with Jim's, we were all set for our burger grill and campfire.

One final gathering here at La Posa South...
I "stole" the next four pictures from Jim....thanks Jim! Steve, me, Red and Pam...
 Dale with Daisy and Cody...
 Harry, Vicki and Ruth (with Daisy)...
 Les, Sue, Brenda and Jim (J)...and Daisy...
Starting left upper corner...Donna, Sammy, Les, Sue, Chloe, Dale, Brenda, Jim, Barb, Jim, (you can just see barely see the back of Steve's head), Red, Pam, Harry, Vicki, Ruth, (and Dale is beside her)...
Everyone took turns grilling their burgers...we also had quite a spread of salads and other goodies...
Dale and Chloe...
Warming up around the fire....
Jim, Ruth and Dale...
Barb, Pam, Red, Harry and Vicki...
After a great meal, the group started dwindling...Red, Vicki, Harry, Brenda, Jim (J), Jim (N) and Steve...
Another fabulous evening with great friends...a perfect way to bring our stay at La Posa South to an end. Tomorrow most of the group is leaving...Red and Pam, Harry and Vicki, and Steve and I will continue to be together as we all head to Yuma for a week. But we say goodbye to Jim and Barb who are going in the opposite direction...north to visit family in Oregon. Safe travels!


  1. We had planned on stopping over to say hello but didn't realize everyone was leaving on Saturday Morning. We will also be attending the RV Dreams Boondocking Rally so we'll finally get a chance to meet then.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip to Yuma.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, we look forward to meeting you at the rally!

  2. Wow, quite the roundup of activities! That firepit sure saw lots of use during your time there.
    We lined our cupboards with foil insulation too. We 'think' it makes a difference, but hot is hot when it gets over 80 outside.
    Hope Yuma treats you well. Safe travels!

    1. Thanks, it has certainly been a lot of socialization. Another week and a half of it before we have alone time heading back to BC.

  3. I lined our cupboards in our first year. We still have the gigantic roll of silver insulation and I keep thinking I should do the top of the cabinets. A lot of heat still comes in from the roof. But that isn't as easy to fit thus my long (seven year) hesitation to do this!

    Safe travels as you move on.

    1. Some things you just can't rush into! 😜 We have slide toppers so hope the cabinet tops will remain cool. Haven't had a hot day since we added this.

  4. Great idea to line the cupboards! Ours above the stove could use that for sure. And you are right we don't feel sorry for you at 13C, our "nice" day was -3C when I installed the batteries! Have a great time in Yuma and the RV Dreams rally. You've a busy social calendar. Cheers

    1. Thanks guys. At least the daylight is getting longer and the weather should start improving so you guys can start using that recreational property.

  5. Brab and i had dinner at 4 peaks with our son and gf last night. We had a grwat dinner and good times, thanks for the pointer!