Saturday and Sunday, February 10 and 11, 2018 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We were up bright and early Saturday morning and on the road shortly before 8:00 a.m. We're on a day trip to Yuma today for an appointment with CMD Ultrasound, a mobile ultrasound company.

In physicians offices, we provide physician ordered ultrasounds. We provide low-cost "cash for service" ultrasounds in the physicians office ordered by the physician.
In the field, at various locations, we host low-cost screens for the community. CMD has provided screenings since 2004 and perfected methods that are proficient in flowing through the process to provide smooth, professional service that only experience can develop.

For $70 each plus an additional $10 for a breast scan for me, we thought it was well worth giving it a try.

A beautiful morning drive...
 Passing the entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds...
Our appointment at CMD wasn't until 11:00, so we wanted to get our shopping done first. We arrived at Walmart at 9:30...that gave me an hour, a little tight, but I managed.

The Walmart we shopped at was in eastern Yuma (Fortuna area), so we still had about a 15 minute drive to the Holiday Inn where CMD was set up. We checked in at 10:50...and waited for about a half hour until it was our turn to be called in.

Our technician was excellent and very informative. She has been practising for 14 years and readily answered all of our questions as she scanned each area. Steve went first and as she does the scan, she tells you what she is seeing.

We're happy to report that for the most part, both of our scans were good. Whew...we were worried about our livers after all this happy hour socializing going on down here!! LOL

After we were finished, it was time for lunch. We had passed Penny's Diner near the hotel and it looked really we decided to give it a try...
These (apparently they are a chain of restaurants attached to hotels across the US) classic 1950s style diners are tastefully decorated with nostalgic memorabilia and feature standard American cuisine, including hamburgers, meatloaf, old-fashioned sundaes, milkshakes, and malts – all made from scratch.

Steve enjoyed his chocolate milkshake and "Western Burger" with fries...

While I had the "All American Patty Melt" with the best (non-greasy) onion rings that we have ever had! (not much in the way of healthy salads served here!)...
After lunch we stopped at Westwind RV Park and Golf Resort. We...along with Red and Pam, and Harry and Vicki...have reservations there for a week after we leave Q. The resort had a booth at the Quartzsite RV show and were offering coupons...the first two nights free and five nights at 50% off. So for $135.52, we are going to treat ourselves to full hook-ups in a resort for a week...good deal! Since we were in Yuma, we wanted to check out the sites we were going to be in. We checked out a couple that were available when we are there and chose the ones we thought would be best for us.

We were home around 3:30...just enough time to put our groceries  away before settling outside in the shade to enjoy another happy hour with our neighbours...and take in a beautiful sunset...
Sunday morning was pretty quiet...Steve worked on editing pictures while I sat warming up in the sun outside with my knitting. There is a bad flu going around and so far there have been 6 people in our area who have had it or currently have it. Well yesterday while shopping in Yuma, Steve started getting the scratchy throat and this morning it has moved into his chest. So it was time to take lots more vitamin C and frequent gargling...

Around noon, the phone was Steve and Susan, another couple from "back home" who we knew from the Cowichan Valley ATV Club. Steve is a customer where Steve worked at Pacific Controls Ltd and they haven't seen each other for around 9 years. We had never met his wife, Sue.

They had just arrived at La Posa South LTVA so Steve rode his quad out to meet them and guide them into a spot fairly close to us. He was over chatting with them for a while and then came back home, leaving them to get set up. They came over for a quick visit about an hour or so later...and after a ride into to town, they joined us for happy hour...
Bill also joined us...
Larry (and Judi), from our ATV club, have arranged a 'Cowichan Valley ATV Club ride' for any members in the Quartzsite area for tomorrow and Tuesday. Since Steve is the one most familiar with the trails, Larry has asked him to lead the's going to be a busy but fun next couple of days! Just hope Steve's feeling okay to lead...


  1. Man I wish I could have an old fashion shake like that....lactose intolerance says no. Very cool diner,good find for sure. Hard to believe you're making return plans already. Have a great weekend quadding with the BC crew!

    1. Steve really enjoyed his chocolate shake! The diner was a good choice, we enjoyed our lunch.

  2. I would drive to Yuma just for that milkshake!

    1. The shake was awesome and just seemed the right thing to do at that diner. Hadn't had a shake in years.

  3. Nice that you got your scans done and all is good to go. I am sure your will enjoy your time in Yuma we always do. We picked up coupons for 3 nights free camping in the foothills at the big tent in Q Always enjoy the free camping when we can get it.
    In the meantime keep enjoying Q.

    1. Thanks. Definitely some good deals at the tent for cheap stays.
      Safe travels!

  4. We stayed at Westwind on a special a couple years ago for a few nights. Glad you'll fit:) Gorgeous sunset:) Sure hope Steve feels all right. Our son had that upper respiratory thing.

    1. Thanks! The gargling and extra vitamin C seemed to do the trick for both of far.

  5. Remember, just 'cause the scans were good you still gotta behave yourselves!
    We didn't get to Penny's Diner....but I wish we had. Sounds great!

    1. Good point. We'll probably start behaving ourselves once we're back in Canada!