Friday, May 12, 2017 (Travel to Tunkwa Provincial Park, Logan Lake, BC)

Friday, May 12 has arrived...time to head up to Tunkwa Provincial Park for the summer! It was a pretty cloudy start...but at least it wasn't pouring rain like it was yesterday morning!

We pulled out of our site at Fort Camping and made our way to the Trans-Canada Highway 1, east. We hadn't been on the freeway long when we heard a loud hissing sound upon acceleration...oh, geez, what is that?! It persisted, getting we decided we'd better turn around and head back to Langley and Gold Key. We're towing the trailer, so getting into their lot should be interesting! Unfortunately, there were no exits to turn around until we reached the outskirts of Abbotsford where the ever present squealing returned. Geez..will this ever end!!!!!!!!!

Getting into Gold Key's lot wasn't as bad as we were expecting. Dave told Steve to pull up in front of the service bays. They were all impressed as it was the first time they had seen us all hooked up for travel. We off-loaded the boat so the fellows could move the loader and tilt the cab. After having a look and firing it up, they couldn't tell what the issue was, so they put "it all back together again" and Steve took the mechanic out for a test drive. The hissing sound was immediate and the mechanic said it sounded like a turbo issue. It turned out to be a tear in the turbo hose...a quick fix, after stealing a new hose off of one of the other trucks since they didn't have any in stock.
Okay so that's one issue fixed but we are still going to have the squeal. On our previous service visit a week ago Steve had said that if Isuzu doesn't fix or replace the engine if that's what it takes, he will be contacting the press and a lawyer. Well, Steve had gotten a phone call from Gold Key shortly afterwards saying not to do anything just yet as the BC Isuzu rep was heading to a meeting in San Antonio the following week and would see what he could do. Isuzu had already blown us off once so we don't have much confidence in them.

It was going on noon by the time we were back on the road...fingers-crossed that we don't have any more problems! Beautiful scenery as we go through the Fraser Valley...
Fraser River as we near Hope, BC...
Still some snow on the mountains as we head near a snow shed on the Coquihala highway (hwy 5)...
If your a fan of the TV show Highway Thru Hell...this is it!
A semi-trailer was on fire...too bad the blue semi was in the way as I snapped this picture. The driver had time to disconnect the trailers and the tractor. There were flames engulfing the rear of the trailer as we passed by...
The Nicola Valley as we near Merritt, BC...
We left highway 5 at Merritt and took highway 97C...this is Mamette Lake...
On Tunkwa Lake Road now...

We arrived at Tunkwa Provincial Park at 4:00 and were greeted by Doug, Sue and Tucker. After big hugs, we walked into the compound to check out the maneuverability Steve would have towing if we drive straight in. He contemplated backing all of the way in but decided that he'd have enough room to drive in and back into our spot. He managed it but it was very close getting through the fence gate and having to turn...the back end of the trailer just made it!

We got all set up...including the "peanut butter mouse trap" outside and packets of Fresh Cab into where the slide room rails go into the trailer frame...
Our new home for next four months!


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    1. Just got the boat in the water and the lines in the water and the wind came up. Tomorrow's another day! 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

  2. So great to have you as neighbours again!!

    1. Thanks! It's going to be a great summer!

  3. Looks like a great place to be for the summer! A little work, some fishing and taking Tucker for walks around the lake... perfect! Oh and get the quads dirty too.Enjoy :)