Saturday, May 6 to Thursday, May 11, 2017 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Our last week here in Fort Langley has gone by quickly as we get in some final visits with family before we head off for the summer.

Saturday I managed to get some errands taken care of all while enjoying some time with a "cousin-in-law" and good friend, Glenna. She arrived out here at about 11:30, and after a short visit with Steve, the two of us headed back into Coquitlam.

I picked up my custom orthotics, and then went to a nearby Running Room store and was fitted for new footware. With my errands done, it was time for lunch...and one of our favourite spots, The Boathouse at Rocky Port Moody.
After a great lunch, we headed back out to Fort Langley where we wandered around the quaint little town checking out the shops. It was about 5:30 when Glenna dropped me off. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, Glenna...and chauffeuring me so I could take care of my errands.

While I was gone, Steve drove to Abbotsford to drop the quads off for servicing and do a little shopping at Cabela's.

Sunday morning we got out for a nice walk in the sunshine. I didn't manage to do the full loop that Steve walks...guess it will take a little time adjusting to the new shoes and orthotics.

We chilled the rest of the day until it was time to head into Chris and Angela's for an early Mother's Day dinner. It was a beautiful drive over the Port Mann bridge (crosses the Fraser River)...
 We sat outside on their sundeck...until it was time for dinner. Steve, Lucy, Luigi, Chris, Nonna, Angela, Joe and Mark (Angela's brothers)...

A wonderful evening! Thanks for a delicious dinner, Chris and Angela! It was going on 8:00 when we said goodbye...see you all again in September!

Monday just zipped by...of course, it was going on 11:00 by the time we were ready to go out and take care of a little shopping. After a couple of stops, we went to Mark's Work Wear to find a pair of steel-toed boots Steve will need for our workamping gig this summer. We ended up driving out to another Mark's in South Surrey where Steve found what he was after...and next thing we knew, it was 4:00! Wow, what happened to that day!

Tuesday morning, we put the boat back on the truck and then puttered around doing odds and ends. Just before 1:00 we walked into Fort Langley to meet Steve's cousins at The Fort Pub for lunch. Rob, Bev, Cheryl, me and Steve. Thanks for popping out guys and we'll see ya in the fall!
Wednesday was another day of doing odds and ends around the trailer. Steve checked and put air in the tires...I did a load of laundry.  A very exciting day...LOL!

Shortly after 4:00, Deb and Ray arrived for one final visit and dinner before we leave the area. We sat outside for a bit until it started raining and then headed inside.
Dinner is served!

Another great evening with them. Hope to see you sometime this summer! Unfortunately the evening didn't end well for them...a phone call to let them know that Ray's Mom had fallen and was taken to the hospital. (We learned the next day that she had actually had a stroke but with a "clot busting" drug, is doing much better.)

Thursday it just poured...we certainly hope it's not doing this tomorrow morning when we have to pack up. It would make for a pretty miserable travel day!

We ran a few errands, I picked up a few more groceries and then late that afternoon we drove out to Abbotsford to pick up the quads...finished just in the nick of time! We needed them today!

And that pretty well brings us up to-date on our time here in Fort Langley. We head to our part-time summer gig up at Tunkwa Provincial Park tomorrow.


  1. Have a great summer. Hopefully the weather smartens up. After a few more days of drizzle it looks like 2 weeks of mostly sun. Fingers Crossed!

  2. Nice that you were able to get together with friends and family before hitting the road again. Safe travels!