Monday, May 1 to Friday, May 5, 2017 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Monday we woke to blue sky! Nice! The weather has been really crazy...cloudy and/or rainy for the most part with the odd nice sunny day interspersed.

Steve wanted to get out for a walk in the sunshine along the trail on the other side of the Fraser River...and I was bound to go with him and at least see how far I could make it before my foot gave out. I didn't do too bad but did end up letting him carry on while I turned around and slowly headed back, stopping to rest at numerous benches along the pathway.
After our walk, we headed off into Langley...I needed to do some grocery shopping and Steve wanted a hair cut. He dropped me off, took care of his own errands and returned for me. By the time we got back home, it was going on 2:00.

We had a quick lunch and then Steve left to drop the truck off with Dave at Gold Key Isuzu for a service tomorrow...and another look at the on-going "squealing" issue. Steve told Dave that he had contacted Isuzu Customer Service like he had previously recommended. The day after sending his email he got a call from the local Isuzu rep who was apologetic and understood where Steve was coming from, Blah Blah Blah! He said that because it's a GMC truck Steve would have to deal with GM Customer Service. So Steve spent hours preparing a very detailed email with all non regular maintenance invoices from day one only to be told that the truck may be a GM, but the engine and extended warranty was an Isuzu issue. So Steve forwarded his detailed email to Isuzu Customer Service again and so far has been ignored. Steve told Dave that he stated in his email that if he doesn't get any satisfaction from Isuzu he's going to see if the local TV stations that do stories on Consumer Issues will do a story on us and if needed, be contacting a lawyer.

While he was gone, I finished putting the groceries away and generally puttered around inside.

Tuesday was basically a "stay at home day"...spent taking care of a bunch of odds and ends. I also did laundry.

Later in the afternoon, Steve finally heard from Dave at Gold Key Isuzu. They discovered a rear mount and bolts missing from the EGR cooler and it now has a crack in it. Well isn't that just great! So we now have another fight on our hands. Rush Truck Center in Fontana, CA were the last ones to work on it when they replaced the gasket. Steve immediately called Rush Truck and forwarded all the photos taken at Gold Key Isuzu.

Wednesday morning Steve called Gold Key to see if they had a courtesy car available for us since a new EGR cooler was on order and our truck wouldn't be ready. No cars were available, so I called Enterprise to see if we could pick up a rental car today and have it for two days...I already had a car reserved for Thursday because Steve has some appointments in Vancouver. They had a car available today...perfect!

Just before 11:00 Ray arrived.  He had dropped Deb off at their dentist in Fort Langley, came to visit with us for an hour and then we would all meet for lunch at Beatniks Bistro...a trendy little restaurant in town.

The three of us arrived at the restaurant shortly before Deb was pouring out today, so she had to battle the rain on her walk from the dentist. Last time we were here together, we had sat outside on the, we had a nice table inside...
After a delicious lunch...enjoyed with great company, we headed off. Ray and Deb dropped us off at Enterprise to pick up the car rental...thanks guys!

Today, Enterprise gave us a Toyota Camry as a rental. We started back to Fort Langley and Steve immediately noticed a shudder in the rear of the car which got worse at higher speeds. This is no I called Enterprise and we turned around. They were very apologetic and gave us another car...a black Cadillac again! Sweet! Steve was so happy to finally drive one.

After dropping Steve off at home, I headed back into Langley for an appointment at Valley Medical Imaging...a mammogram...whoohoo! LOL

Thursday morning we received a phone call from Gold Key...the truck was ready. This was for a regular service and by no means do we feel that the squealing issue is fixed with a new EGR cooler as this is now our fourth one. I dropped Steve off to pick it up and I made a stop at Costco on my way home. Steve had an appointment with a plastic surgeon at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver at 2:00. He is having a Basal Cell Carcinoma removed from his hairline on his forehead. It would be over an hour's drive, and not knowing the parking situation, we thought we'd better give ourselves lots of we headed off shortly after 12 noon.

All went well, the spot was removed...and after a stop at a pharmacy, we were home around 4:30. The doctor will call him in a couple of weeks once the pathology results are known. Lots of dried blood in his hair...
After a very hot (30C/86F) and humid day, the forecast was for a severe thunderstorm to roll through. We did have some thunder and lightning but it was mostly heavy rain.

Friday morning we were up early...Steve was awake at 4:30, getting up at 5:30, leaving me to laze in bed for about a half hour until I decided I might as well get up too.

Steve sent an email to Rush Truck Center with a copy of our $1,437.00 bill. We've yet to get a response from the previous email with photos, so we'll see where this goes...

Shortly after 9:00 we headed backed into Vancouver for another doctor's appointment...Steve had a final check up with our new doctor. All is good...whew!...and that concludes all of our spring medical appointments!

On the way home we stopped in Surrey to pick up our Honda generator...hopefully it is really fixed this time! They found that a broken mounting bracket was responsible for all the noisy vibration. After a stop at Costco to pick up some prescriptions (and have lunch), we dropped the generator off at home..having just enough time to get the rental car back to Enterprise.

And that pretty much brings us up-to-date again...for now, at least!


  1. Really sorry to hear about all those truck issues. You need to tell them you have contacted a New York Jewish lawyer who specializes in truck lemons and that he is drooling to take this case!
    Maybe they will get the message then.
    Maybe a couple days of picketing outside the dealer with anti-Isuzu signs will wake them up....
    Keep the faith, we are sure they will get it right eventually.

    Les and Sue

    1. LOL! Thanks for your suggestions.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sounds like things are coming to a head with the truck. Hopefully it will be resolved to your satisfaction.

  3. Great idea to get the media involved! Absolutely ridiculous that neither Isuzu or GM won't step up and make it right. On the bright side the genny is fixed and Steve got to drive the caddy! Hopefully you have a great week with good news.

  4. You may be driving a Cadi the rest of the summer at this rate. Oh well, as long as they get it right in time for your trip south this winter.
    Dave & Diane